New Fan Noise Notice Feature!

A New Feature for Your New Viewers!

A new system message will appear to notify broadcasters of potential new fans!

Here on Pococha, managing your fan community is key to being a successful broadcaster. We also know just how much our broadcasters value their fans’ support, and how much viewers enjoy working together to make broadcasts more welcoming and exciting.

So, we have created a new feature that will help broadcasters and their viewers welcome new users into their communities! Introducing: notifications for potential new supporters!

From now on, when a new viewer is close to hitting a Fan Noise level for the first time, a system message will appear in the chat for broadcasters and their current supporters. It will look like this:

This is our chance to encourage a new viewer to reach their first goal!

How can you tell which viewers are new users or not?

New Pococha users will have an “N” next to their name, which means they’re a “New” user who joined in the current or previous month.

When will this notification appear?

When a viewer with “N” next to their name is close to achieving 0.1K, 0.5K, or 1K Fan Noise level for the first time ever.

Note: If a new viewer clears multiple conditions for different Fan Noise levels at the same time (number of comments, number of Coins, view time, view days, etc.), this notification may only be shown once.

How often can new viewers receive this notification?

Each notification is a one-time opportunity for each viewer. It will only be shown a maximum of three times for that viewer, no matter which broadcast they’re in: once each for achieving the 0.1k, 0.5k, and 1k Fan Noise levels. That means this notification is a very special and rare occurrence!

We hope that both broadcasters and current viewers will take the opportunity to welcome the new viewer, educate them about Pococha, and encourage them to keep reaching for those higher Fan Noise levels!

How can I take advantage of this special occasion?

To create a stronger fan community, the broadcaster should pay attention to viewer behavior and convey their gratitude for their fans’ support through reactions and communication.

As a broadcaster, make use of this function to notice when a new viewer is close to first achieving a new Fan Noise level. Since this will be the viewer’s first time reaching these levels, be sure to do the following:

  • Educate them on the importance and benefits of being a Core Fan!
  • Let them know what goal they’re approaching, and why hitting that goal is important not just for them, but for you as a broadcaster and for your community!
  • Celebrate the progress they have made, and provide next steps to follow through on achieving that Fan Noise goal!

For example, you could say something like this:

“Wow (viewer name)! I see you’re close to reaching 0.5K Fan Noise for the first time EVER! That’s amazing. Did you know you only need a bit more interaction to reach that next level? Try using Coins, leaving comments, and watching for a little longer to reach that 0.5k Fan Noise! Then you’ll already be halfway to becoming one of my Core Fans — it would mean so much to me if you did that!”

Do broadcasters get any benefit for recruiting new viewers?

They can, starting July 1st! We hope this new user notification will help broadcasters identify which viewers are eligible for the New Users Bonus — a brand-new incentive for Rank B1+ broadcasters to turn new viewers into Core Fans!

For more information on this upcoming feature, please see Update #4 in our Round Table #5 Q&A Blog.

We can’t wait to see how our community utilizes this new feature to the fullest! Please look forward to even more future updates as we continue to give more attention to our valuable & important new viewers.

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