End Time Final Vote Results

End Time will remain the same.

  • 9pm PT during Standard Time (Summer)
  • 8pm PT during Daylight Savings Time (Winter)

Thank you to all our users who participated in the End Time vote in May!

Originally, we received feedback from users that the current End Time was too late for many users on the East Coast (12:00AM EDT). So we decided to create a survey to collect more information about the optimal End Time for our users.

In early May, we posted a blog showing the results from this first End Time survey. Please read here!

While we had originally guessed that most users wanted End Time to be earlier, this initial survey showed us that in fact there were actually lots of users who also wanted it later.

So we decided to host one last final vote to let the community decide whether to move End Time earlier or keep it the same.

We have compiled the results of that vote and made a decision.

Here are the final results:

  • Keep End Time The Same: 58.5%
  • Change End Time: 41.5%

Since the vote to move End Time did not receive the 2/3 majority needed to pass, we will be keeping End Time the same for now.

The current End Time appears to work the best for the most amount of users. We understand it does not work for everyone, but we must pick one time that works best for all.

We have heard many opinions from our users and have taken these into account for future changes to Pococha. Thank you for all your opinions!

We will continue to monitor Pococha and make changes as needed.
– The Pococha Team

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