Event Tab Update

Hello Pococha users,

Today, we’ll be talking about the Event Tab update!

It’s finally here! The Event Tab has been updated. 

Be sure to read all the way to the end! ✨


Table of Contents

  • Reason for the Update
  • What’s Getting Updated
    • ✅ Discover
      • Headlining Events
      • Upcoming Events
      • Hashtag Categories
      • Filter
    • ✅ Favorites
      • Favorited Events
    • ✅ Event Status

Reason for the Update

Pococha has been continuously adding more and more events catered toward different ranks and preferences. This way, everyone can experience the excitement of events and win prizes.

However, with the increase in events, we have received feedback from users that the Event Tab has become difficult to navigate through and find events they are interested in. 

We also plan on adding variations to events in the future so the amount of events will only grow. This also means that finding events will end up being more difficult.

To make Events easier to navigate, we are updating the Event Tab to better organize all of the event information and make it easier for everyone to find events that fit their tastes.


What’s Getting Updated

We are planning to make the following updates.

* These images were taken while still in development. The final product may look different from what is shown here.

After the update, the Event Tab will be separated into 3 tabs: Discover, Favorites, and Event Status.

Now, onto the updated tabs!

✅ Discover

You can check what events are being held, events that are open for entry, and upcoming events*.

We have also added a filter system so you can narrow down events based on what you’re looking for.

* Events that are coming soon but do not have an Event Page available yet.

□ Headlining Events


– Shows events grouped together by popular headlines.

What it Does

– Lets you easily swipe through and check out trending events on Pococha.

* Only shows events that you meet the requirements for.

* Events where the requirements have not been met can be found by using the filter function.

When to Use It

– When you don’t know what event to join.

□ Upcoming Events


– The “Upcoming Events” section in the “Discover” tab that includes upcoming events along with events that already have an Event Page.

What it Does

– You can find information on upcoming events that don’t have event pages yet. The events here will be listed along with the event periods and short summaries. You can also use tags and the filter function to narrow down the events you want to see. On top of that, if you see an event that you like, you can favorite it! 

* Some events may not have summaries.

* Event periods are subject to change.

* Upcoming events can also be found elsewhere in the “Discover” tab.

When to Use It

– When making plans for what events to join.

□ Hashtag Categories


– Added various hashtags to distinguish events by prizes, difficulty, area, etc.

What it Does

– You can see the type of event, difficulty, prizes, appeal etc. for each event at a glance.

– If a hashtag catches your interest, you can tap on it to find similar events.

* The category function is not available for E Rank events.

When to Use It

– When you find an event with certain characteristics and want to find similar events.

□ Filter


– A function that allows you to narrow down events by target audience (you or a particular broadcaster), event status,Rank, and event period.

What It Does

– Allows you to filter events by desired criteria to make it easier to find the events you want to join.

When to Use It

– When you want to find events based on multiple conditions.

✅ Favorites

Here you can find all the events you favorited from the Discover tab. You can always unfavorite an event at any time!

□ Favorited Events


– A button has been added to each Event Page to favorite events. Favorited events will show up in the Favorites tab (including upcoming events).

What It Does

– Allows you to save events that pique your interest or events that you want to participate in from the Discover tab.

* Events that have ended will be automatically removed 3 months from when the event opened.

When to Use It

– When you have multiple events that you’re interested in and want to compare them.

✅ Event Status

Here you can see all the events that you have entered, recently won prizes from, and the event status of Family broadcasters.

□ Entered Events


– Shows events that you’ve currently entered in the Event Status tab.

What It Does

– Lets you see and check the events that you have entered and their respective Event Pages.

When to Use It

– When you’re not broadcasting and want to check the Event Page of the event that you’ve entered.

□ Prize History


– Shows recent events where you received a prize.

What it Does

– See events that you recently received prizes from.

– After an event ends, you can easily check the Event Page here to find when the prize should arrive, event terms and conditions, and other information.

* Events become unavailable 3 months after the start date and will automatically be removed from Prize History.

When to Use It

– When you need to check up on events that you are a prize recipient for.

□ Broadcaster Event Status


– Shows the event status of broadcasters that you’re supporting (broadcasters of Families that you’ve joined).

What it Does

– Allows you to check on the event status of broadcasters that you support when they’re not broadcasting or when you aren’t able to watch their broadcasts.

* Will show the events that the Family creators (broadcasters) of the Families that you have joined are participating in.

When to Use It

– When you want to check up on the event status of broadcasters you’re supporting when they’re not broadcasting or when you’re unable to watch their broadcasts.

Moving Forward


We’ll Take Your Feedback Into Consideration to Further Update the Tab!

We want to make updates that make the app easier for everyone to use. However, we can’t predict everything and there may be some features that end up being difficult to use or not used at all.

Based on your feedback and data analysis, we plan on adding and revising more features.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to let us know by sending us feedback* through the app.

If you are planning on joining us for the “What’s in Store for the Event Tab,” please include your questions and comments in the form.

* Click on “Help” in the app to search for “Feedback”. Select “How do you send feedback?” and scroll down to “Follow this link to send comments or suggestions that do not require a reply”.

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