Round Table #5 Q&A – New Updates

Hello everyone. Thank you for using Pococha!

In this blog, we’ll be bringing you updates on some important new features coming to the app, and Producer Daisuke Mizuta will be answering questions from you, our lovely users! Please read through to the end for all the latest info.

First of all, thank you to everyone who attended the latest Round Table. This was our most-attended event yet! We are glad the community has become so involved with Pococha.

At this event, we announced & explained the following 5 major updates that will be changing on Pococha.

#1 – Updated Support Point Logic

#2 – New Rank System

#3 – New Daily Performance Bonus

#4 – New Users Bonus

#5 – Lowered Requirements For Fan Noise & Core Fans

Please read further for detailed explanations of each update! But first, I wanted to share the reasoning why these updates are happening and what we hope to accomplish with them.

A Q&A section is at the end of this blog, where I will answer the top questions from users!

Valuing Broadcaster-Viewer Connections

Pococha believes that the most valuable part of broadcasting is the connection between a broadcaster and a viewer.

Broadcasters want to grow their fan communities and discover supporters who share their goals. Viewers aim to participate in engaging conversation and find a sense of belonging amongst their favorite broadcaster’s community.

When the broadcaster-viewer relationship is prioritized, it will continue to strengthen and flourish – increasing the size of all our wonderful fan communities.

Our goal as an app is to ensure the importance of these connections! By doing so, we can continue to provide sustainable careers to our broadcasters, and intimate communities for our viewers.

Broadcaster-viewer connections are the strongest when a fan community is filled with one broadcaster who has deep & meaningful connections with their viewers.

Why are pure viewers so important?

After analyzing Pococha’s communities, we found that fan communities where the top fans were mostly viewers are communities that last the longest and support the broadcaster the most!

On the other hand, communities where the top fans were mostly other broadcasters may appear to grow the fastest at first, but our data shows they do not last as long and broadcaster fans are much more likely to slowly stop supporting – making these communities unsustainable in the long run!

The graph below shows our data from this research. With the orange line showing viewer-filled communities lasting longer and spending more than broadcaster-filled communities (Blue).

Recently, we have found that many broadcaster’s communities are filled not with viewers but mostly other broadcasters. There is currently a trend where many broadcasters consider their support to/from other broadcasters to be the most important. In fact, we have heard that many broadcasters even feel obligated & stressed trying to maintain each other’s success.

Many broadcasters think that supporting each other and creating broadcaster communities is a good thing. We do not disagree with this idea. Rather, Pococha’s philosophy is that connections between a broadcaster and their viewers is more important and should be valued as such. We believe the viewer connection should not be overshadowed by too many and too strong of broadcaster connections.

Some users may disagree with Pococha’s philosophy, and we understand this. Our decision to make these changes comes from our success in Japan, where we know that valuing viewers will create sustainable careers for our broadcasters. So we hope you will trust & believe in the app we are creating! Many of our broadcasters in Japan who stuck through changes are now the biggest on the app!

A fan community filled with one broadcaster and many viewers
A fan community filled with many broadcasters

The upcoming changes to Pococha are created to place more value & importance on nurturing the broadcaster-viewer connection, and allowing broadcasters to maintain success without feeling reliant on one another.

As a result of these changes, the way some of you use Pococha may change.

For broadcasters with strong communities of viewers, many will find it easier to Rank up & earn an income.

For broadcasters’ who Rank is highly dependent on support from other broadcasters, we encourage beginning to focus on filling your communities with more viewers.

Therefore, the following updates are scheduled to take effect on July 1, 2022.

(Date & time subject to change)

5 Updates

#1 – Updated Support Point Logic

Support Points from Items will now be calculated differently depending on whether the sender is a viewer or a broadcaster. Items sent from broadcasters who are C1 Rank or higher will be worth less than those sent from a pure viewer or a broadcaster who is D3 Rank or lower.

This change will place more value and importance in the support coming from a broadcaster’s pure viewers. With the updated Rank system (explained next), this change will make it easier for many broadcasters to increase Rank if they have communities with lots of pure viewer support.

Note: A pure viewer is a user who does not broadcast.

Note: The Rank levels indicated in this blog reflect Ranks under the new Rank system.

How much less will Items sent from C1+ broadcasters be worth?

  • Items from pure viewers & broadcasters under C1 will continue to have the same value.
  • Items sent from broadcasters who are C1 Rank or higher will be subject to an algorithm that gradually decreases the Item’s value as more coins are used. The rate of decrease will be directly affected by the amount of Coins sent from all C1+ broadcasters in your broadcast, not just one C1+ broadcaster. Please see the graph below for reference.
  • The Items’ value will continue to decrease as more are sent until it resets after End Time.
  • Please note, the value of Items is NOT related to the time of day. It is only affected by previous amount of coins from Items used by C1+ broadcasters in your own broadcast during the current End Time Period.
    • For example, the first Item sent from any C1+ broadcaster at 8:00am one day will be the same value as the first Item sent from any C1+ broadcaster at 7:00pm on another day.
    • However, the second Item from a C1+ broadcaster sent on either day will be worth less because there has already been a C1+ Item sent.

With these changes, the most efficient way to collect lots of Support Points will be to increase the amount of viewers sending Items!

Here we will be placing value on the number of pure viewers who are providing good support, not just the support of individual pure viewers. Of course having each individual pure viewer provide deep support is important, but we think the ideal situation for a broadcaster is to be supported by many fans (viewers) and be able to continue being active for a long time.

These logic changes are also likely to apply to Event Points, but these specifications have not been finalized yet.

#2 – A New Rank System

With the changes in Support Points, we feel that some users may experience temporary difficulty in finding pure viewers to maintain their Rank. So, we have decided to give the Rank System a makeover.

We are changing the rank system to now be E1 to A5, to better match the current number of broadcasters and viewers in the US and make it easier for broadcasters to maintain or increase their Rank based on the current amount of pure viewer support on the US app.

With these new changes, there are many low or mid Rank broadcasters who will find themselves able to reach the highest Ranks if they have strong communities of pure viewers. Due to the lowered requirements for each Rank, it may now be easier to Rank Up and create a sense of success with your viewers instead of stagnation.

For example, a user who was previously B Rank under the old Rank system, should now be able to maintain A Rank with the same amount of support!

What will my new Rank be on July 1?

Around 2:00am PT on July 1, users Ranks will be changed to the new system. Below is a chart of what the new Ranks will be!

  • Your current Rank once it becomes July 1, will be changed to your New Rank based on this chart.

As a result of these changes, the amount of Time Diamonds per hour will also be reduced for each Rank to more accurately reflect the amount of support coming from viewers in the US.

Please note, this is a completely redesigned Rank system. We are not simply removing S Rank. A Rank will be the new highest Rank just like S was!

#3 – New Performance Bonus

With the changes in Rank System and Time Diamonds, some users may experience a decrease in their Time Diamonds. To help compensate for this, we are introducing a new Performance Bonus that is available to both signed & independent broadcasters!

The bonus will be distributed as diamonds after each End Time period (Daily) and will be based on the Rank you achieved during that End Time. Higher Ranks mean bigger bonuses!

The Performance Bonus will allow broadcasters to maintain a similar income as before, if they are able to maintain or increase Rank with the new system.

  • Performance Bonus is available to broadcasters who are C Rank or higher under the new Rank system.
  • Performance Bonuses are not available on days when a Freeze Pass is in use.
  • Must broadcast for at least 60 mins to receive bonus. However, even if you broadcast for 60 mins and then user a Freeze Pass, you will be ineligible for the bonus.
  • Your Performance Bonus amount will appear on your Daily Rank Report!

Below are the daily Performance Bonus amounts for each Rank, along with the updated Time Diamond amounts:

If you have a strong community of pure viewers and are able to maintain or increase your Rank under the new system, you are likely to earn the same or higher income as before!

For Example:

Before Change: S1 broadcaster earned 3,000 Time Diamonds per hour and 6,000 Engagement Diamonds.

(3000 TD  x 4hrs) + 6000 ED = 18,000 Diamonds

After Change: Broadcaster is now A5 Rank and will earn 1600 Time Diamonds per hour, 6000 Engagement Diamonds plus a 4800 Diamond Performance Bonus!

(1600 TD  x 4hrs) + 6000 ED + 4,800 Bonus  = 17,200 Diamonds

#4 – New Users Bonus

We plan to increase our efforts to bring more pure viewers onto Pococha so that all our broadcasters can enjoy these new types of bonuses. However, once we bring them into the app, it’s up to our wonderful broadcasters to keep them there! A new viewer will stay on the app if they create a deep & meaningful connection with a broadcaster.

We found that new viewers are 8x more likely to remain on Pococha if they become a Core Fan in their first month!

To encourage these connections, we are creating a new monthly bonus that will be given to broadcasters who convert new viewers into Core Fans.

  • The New Users Bonus will be available to broadcasters who are B Rank or higher under the new Rank system.
  • New viewer is any viewer with the “N” mark who joined this month or the previous month.
  • The bonus will be a monthly bonus, calculated by the number of new viewers the broadcaster converted into Core Fans.

Bonus Amounts:

1-10 Viewers – 100 Diamonds Each

11-20 Viewers – 300 Diamonds Each

21-25 Viewers – 400 Diamonds Each

26+ Viewers – No Additional Diamonds

#5 – Lowered Core Fan & Fan Noise Requirements

Finally, we are reducing the requirements needed for viewers to become Core Fans and to collect Fan Noise.

Viewers will now more easily be able to become a Core Fan of a broadcaster! This will encourage them to join the broadcaster’s community, and more easily provide valuable Core Fan & Fan Noise bonuses to the broadcaster’s support points!

Here are the updated requirements for a viewer to become a Core Fan, it is about 25% easier to become a Core Fan now”

Furthermore, the requirements for all Fan Noise levels have been reduced by about 50% on average!


Pococha values the strength of a connection between a broadcaster and a pure viewer.

These new changes plan to provide value and importance to that relationship, and reward broadcasters who able to create them!

In fact, there are many broadcasters who will find themselves able to reach the highest Ranks more easily now if they have strong communities of pure viewers.

Please note, many of these changes are temporary. We will continue to evaluate the US ecosystem on a consistent basis and make changes as needed.

We look forward to your participation at the next Round Table! We will send out a registration link to users when the new Round Table has been decided.

Thank you,



Thank you for submitting your questions after the Round Table! I would like answer some of the most asked ones.

Q: How will these changes affect my performance, Rank, & income on Pococha?

A: Broadcasters who have strong fan communities filled with mostly pure viewers should now find it easier to not only maintain Rank, but also Rank up and earn a higher income if they maintain the same amount of support as before.

However for some broadcasters the updates will reduce the amount of support they receive from other broadcasters, and this may make it harder to maintain their current Rank. We encourage these broadcasters to focus on adding more pure viewers to their communities! As we mentioned, the only way to ensure a long & sustainable career as a broadcaster is to increase your pure supporters!

Q: Are these changes temporary or permanent, and why are they happening now?

A: Just like everything on Pococha, these changes are not permanent. We will continue to monitor the situation in the US and make changes as needed in order to create the best environment for our users.
The current Rank system is being replaced with an entirely new system where A Rank will be the highest Rank, and a new E Rank will be created for new broadcasters.
Please note, this new Rank system will continue to be monitored for efficiency and we will consider making changes or creating a new system as it is needed!

The updates are happening now because we have seen a recent trend of broadcasters supporting and being reliant on each other. This is beginning to create an unsustainable ecosystem that places more importance on broadcaster support, and takes away from the viewer’s experience. We hope to create a sustainable ecosystem on Pococha US where broadcasters can have long & lucrative careers, just like they do in Japan!

Q: Will our Ranks automatically change on July 1?

A: Ranks will change on July 1 according to the chart described in Update #2!

For example, if your Rank is B2 with 0 Rank Points on June 30, your Rank will be updated to the new Rank system on July 1 and will now be A2 with 0 Rank points!

Please be sure to check the chart to see how your Rank will change.

Q: Will the 0, +1, +2 borders of each Rank’s meter also be lowered?

A: Yes, the borders for each Rank’s meter are expected to be lower!

Additionally since there will be less broadcaster to broadcaster support increasing the borders on the meter, the Rank meter is expected to not move as much.

(Update Jul 2022: The above sentence has created a miscommunication due to the choice of wording. So we are adding the following sentence to help explain the correct meaning. “reduced broadcaster to broadcaster support is expected to have a reduced impact on the border levels”)

Q: Will an Item’s value be influenced by the time of day or by other broadcasters?

A: No, the value of Items that are sent to you will not be affected by any other broadcasters nor the time of day. Items sent from pure viewers and broadcasters who are D3 or less will be worth the same value as before the changes. Items that are sent from broadcasters who are C1 or higher will gradually decrease as more Items are sent in YOUR broadcast. But this only applies to Items sent from C1 or higher broadcasters in your own broadcast, not others. The more Items are sent to one broadcaster from C1+ broadcasters, the less future Items from C1+ broadcasters will be worth to that specific broadcaster.

For example, even if other broadcasters have received a lot of C1+ Items earlier in the End Time period, this will not affect how much your Items from C1+ broadcasters will be worth. The only thing that affects the value of your C1+ Items is how many have been sent by all C1+ broadcasters previously in your broadcast during the current End Time Period.

Q: Why is the Core Fan Bonus only available to B Rank and above?

A: The Core Fan Bonus is a temporary campaign we are testing out. We are trying it out with a certain group of broadcasters, and will make changes to it in the future as needed! We encourage all our users at every Rank to focus on acquiring Core Fans from new viewers!
Our high Rank broadcasters usually have the most experience on the app. They have already been able to create large fan communities by converting new viewers into fans. So we trust that they can do it!
Also keep in mind, B Rank here refers to the new Rank system. Some broadcasters currently in C Rank or lower will find themselves in B Rank with the new system, if they have strong communities of pure viewers.

Q: Will the Fan Noise & Core Fan bonuses for Support Points be changed?

A: No! These will remain the same. In fact, now that it is easier for viewers to become Core Fans and collect Fan Noise, these bonuses should be easier for broadcasters to achieve!

Q: What is Pococha doing to bring more pure viewers to the app?

We understand many users may feel there are not a lot of pure viewers out there. We are constantly working to improve our marketing and advertising. We are currently thinkng about creating a campaign where we share our upcoming advertisements with our users. We plan to collect feedback from our users on what they think about the marketing, and what they would like to see changed!

We also understand that many users feel that Pococha focuses too much on broadcasters and not enough on viewers. We’d like to help our users understand that our current focus of marketing and advertising is towards viewers. However, we are also considering beginning to bring less broadcasters into the app until we have enough viewers for all. Our goal is to ensure that the rate of viewers joining the app is much faster than that of broadcasters. We are also considering slowing down the number of broadcasters we sign, or even having less broadcasters overall on the app. These changes will help there be enough pure viewers on the app.

Q: Why does the meter slide/change throughout the day?

A: The meter has always moved since Pococha began according to the amount of Support Points that broadcasters in your Rank Class are generating. We explained how the Rank Meter works in another blog, please read it here!
Again, we expect the the meter to “move” less now that broadcasters are sending less Items to each other.

Q: What is the new agency pay scale?

A: If you are a signed broadcaster, please reach out to your agency for a detailed explanation of how these changes will affect you. Each agency is different, so we are unable to provide specifics here.

Thank you for all your questions, if you have any more please do not hesitate to reach out to us on social media or customer service channels.


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