The Event Journey For Broadcasters

Hello Pococha users,

Today, we’ll be talking about events that will help you grow as a broadcaster on Pococha!

We’ve introduced a variety of events since we launched the app in the US.

The number of events has increased gradually and finally, we have a set of events for users in each Rank with different goals on Pococha.

Now, it’s time to discuss how you can use these events to develop your broadcasting skills and enjoy Pococha more!

What is the Event Journey?

Pococha holds a series of events for all Ranks to enter and enjoy competitions with a fair chance of winning.

The moment you decide to become a broadcaster, your journey begins!

Different events are designed for each Rank and broadcasters will compete only with other broadcasters at a similar level. So you don’t need to worry about going against top broadcasters when you start.

As you compete in events, you’ll need to form a broadcasting strategy and communicate with your viewers more. So naturally, your broadcasting skills will improve, and you will become a better broadcaster!

Event Categories on Pococha

Beginner: E Rank

In your first month as a beginner broadcaster, you can join PocoTraining. You can test how Pococha events work and gain some supporters who love to help the Pococha community! If you win, you can get a special badge on your thumbnail, so other users will know you are a talented newbie!

You can also join the PocoChallenge! Work with your viewers and other broadcasters to complete missions and collect Coins! Your supporters can get Coins for supporting you as well. By joining the PocoChallenge, you can strengthen your community to prepare for the next step.

Advanced Beginner: D Rank

Once you advance as a broadcaster and reach D Rank, your choice of events will increase! You can join:

  • Pococha Profile events to decorate your profile page
  • Food events for luxury food or specially designed food gifts, and
  • Pococha Merch events for special Pococha swag and tools to improve the quality of your broadcast

If you reach D Rank within a month, you can also join the Rookie of the Month. This event will award the top 3 rookies with a special trophy.

Competent: C Rank

As you hit C Rank, you can now join advertisement events to gain more exposure to the Pococha community. Instagram events are available for B~C Rank broadcasters, and winners will be introduced to the community through Pococha’s official Instagram with a specially designed event graphic.

Proficient: B Rank

A big change happens at B Rank! Now, you can join advertisement events for introducing yourself outside of Pococha. POCOSPOT is an event in which winners can earn a spot on a public billboard in and around major US cities. Billboard spots go to different regions each month, so you can check the event announcement page every month and join the event when your desired location is in the spotlight.

Expert: A Rank

When you hit A Rank (the top Rank on Pococha) you’ll be able to join our biggest event, the Hall of Fame! This event determines the top 3 broadcasters on Pococha every month and awards them with a gorgeous gift set including a trophy, a dedicated interview article, and an advertisement spot on external media such as the LA Times or a Hollywood billboard.

Utilize Pococha Events to Achieve Your Dream!

You can become a broadcaster and join this supportive community with just a few taps on Pococha!

Once you get comfortable broadcasting, you can start thinking about your goals not just on Pococha, but your life goals that Pococha can help you to achieve.

Pococha events can bring you an exclusive experience you don’t see in everyday life. Use them as a stepping stone not just for Pococha, but for experiencing new things and leading a fulfilling, exciting life! ❤️

Upcoming Changes to Support Point Generation

Greetings, Pococha community!

Today we have some more news regarding upcoming changes to Support Point generation with the July 1st update.

Before we get into these changes, we want to revisit one of Pococha’s core philosophies: open, honest, and clear communication between broadcasters and viewers.

“Spam” Culture & Pococha’s Communication Philosophy

Since Pococha launched, one of the things our users have enjoyed most is the quality and value of interactions within the Pococha community. After all, one of Pococha’s main goals is to facilitate healthy, vibrant, and active communities with viewers that love to participate in broadcasts!

However, we’ve noticed a growing trend: in many broadcasts, communication is being diluted by users who take advantage of the current Pococha system. This includes:

  • posting repetitive or “spam” comments
  • typing nonsensical words or emojis simply to earn support points
  • encouraging participation in the broadcast only by “liking”/”catching claps” without trying meaningful communication in the comments

We know that some viewers and broadcasters enjoy using Pococha in this way. However, this has resulted in many unfortunate side effects, such as:

  • Broadcasters having to ask viewers to “stop spamming chat” so they can catch up on meaningful conversations
  • Broadcasters believing that their broadcasts must include spam in order to earn Support Points
  • Viewers feeling neglected when their comments are lost in a sea of “spam” comments
  • New viewers feeling too intimidated or overwhelmed by “spam” to try leaving comments.
  • New viewers feeling deterred and leaving the platform before they learn about the warm communication that is unique to Pococha

At the end of the day, Pococha must always prioritize creating a community in which all users feel welcome to participate. If Pococha’s culture were to continue rewarding this kind of behavior, then it would detract from the user experience of people who use Pococha for its intended purpose: meaningful, valuable communication.

Thus, the following changes will be coming to the app:

Upcoming Support Point Changes

As of July 1, 2022, Support Points will only be generated by Item usage. This means that Support Points will no longer be generated by comments, Likes, or Claps.

We feel these changes will have the following long-term benefits for both Pococha and our users:

  • “Spam” and meaningless comments will no longer be rewarded, resulting in less “spam” overall
  • Viewer participation will refocus on meaningful conversation without ulterior motive
  • Broadcasters will be able to more easily uphold worthwhile communication with users who genuinely interact

Q&A from Pococha’s Producers

Why is this happening? Comments/Likes/Claps generating Support Points is a unique and great feature!

We’re aware that some users may be frustrated by this change. In fact, this isn’t a change we’re excited to make; if comments, Likes, and Claps were used exclusively for communication on the app, then these changes wouldn’t be occurring.

Even though we don’t want to take away the value of viewers’ non-Item actions, we never want to make broadcasters think, “Hacking the system is more valuable than encouraging meaningful communication.” In the current Pococha environment, many broadcasters feel this way and see viewer interaction as just a means to an end. This is the opposite of Pococha’s goal.

We thought very long and hard about how we could address this issue, and in the end, this was the only change we could find that would ensure that Pococha’s communication philosophy is not compromised.

We know that many of you are earnestly interested in supporting broadcasters however you can with functions like clapping and liking. However, to help reinforce the benefits of these changes, please also continue using the comments to help contribute to Pococha’s warm and welcoming community! Your favorite broadcasters will still be so excited and grateful to see you joining in the fun by commenting.

Why are Likes and Claps having their Support Points taken away too?

If Likes and Claps were to remain a source of Support Points, then we anticipate that these actions would be taken advantage of in the future as well.

Some of you may be thinking, “But Pococha! If Likes and Claps are ‘hacked’, it won’t bother other viewers like comments do — why is it still an issue?”

To answer this, let’s take a look at a situation that we’re currently dealing with in Pococha Japan:

  • There is an urban legend in Japan that broadcasters will not show up on the HOME feed unless the word “Box” is in their thumbnail image.
  • In reality, this is not true. Perhaps the word attracts more viewers because it is appealing or eye-catching, but there is no Pococha system that analyzes and prioritizes thumbnail images with that word.
  • However, many people believed the rumor because various top broadcasters have the word “Box” in their thumbnail.
  • And so, Pococha Japan has exploded with a variety of people adding “Box” to their thumbnail image, which only increases the credibility of this urban legend.

How does this example relate to the US? Unfortunately, people who have learned to “game” the Pococha system have succeeded in rising in Rank, and this is not good; we don’t want to reward people who misuse the platform.

If Likes and Claps were to continue providing Support Point value, then Pococha would likely reward the broadcasters who found another way to “hack” this behavior. Even if it doesn’t directly interrupt a broadcast in the moment, this could still result in people feeling the need to “hack” the system in order to succeed.

Thus, the overall idea is this: we don’t want Pococha to be designed in a way that makes ideal, communication-focused broadcasters feel less valuable than broadcasters who misuse Pococha features. That is why we are removing Support Points from Claps and Likes as well.

Do comments, Likes, and Claps still contribute to Fan Noise and Core Fan status?

Likes and claps have never contributed to Fan Noise; however, Items, comments, and view time will still allow viewers to contribute Fan Noise and become Core Fans — both of which are extremely beneficial for broadcasters.

Fan Noise

When a broadcaster reaches certain thresholds of Fan Noise, they receive a Support Point bonus. The more Fan Noise they receive, the bigger bonus they get. Therefore, viewers should still be encouraged to comment, Like, and Clap to help broadcasters get those sweet bonuses!

To see the full chart of Fan Noise and Support Point bonuses, visit our blog here.

Core Fans

Viewers get some great bonuses when they become Core Fans, such as altered comment label colors, access to Core Fan-only Families, and more. But did you know that broadcasters also receive benefits as they collect more Core Fans?

The more Core Fans a broadcaster has, the higher their Support Point multiplier gets. Therefore, by becoming a Core Fan, you can help broadcasters get even more Support Points for the rest of the month!

Visit the Pococha blog to learn more about these Core Fan bonuses.

What if “spam” and other meaningless communication goes away after this change? Is there a chance that Support Points for comments/Likes/Claps can return?

Yes, there is! Again, this change is intended to target those who are not using Pococha’s interactive features for the right reasons. Unfortunately, in the meantime, users who have been using comments/Likes/Claps for the right reasons will be unable to continue doing so.

However: when broadcasters can once again get into the top Ranks consistently without utilizing any “hacking” behavior, we will reevaluate non-Item actions and return to a state in which these interactions can have quantitative value again.

Until then, thank you for your patience while we steer Pococha’s communication culture back in the right direction.

What if “spam” and other meaningless communication doesn’t go away after this change?

We truly hope this isn’t the case! However, if this change does not successfully reduce “spam”, we may look into taking further actions that analyze and potentially penalize users who engage in this behavior. We feel it’s vital for Pococha’s community and future that we deem this communication style as unacceptable.

Please help us to spread and uphold these values so that we can return to valuing non-Item actions once again!

What will Pococha be doing in the interim to make up for this loss of non-Item Support Points?

We recognize that this change may be disappointing and will take some getting used to. However, all users will be affected equally by this app-wide change, so no broadcasters will be disproportionately benefitted or hindered from reaching or maintaining their Rank due to this update.

In addition, we’re very excited about some other upcoming changes that should continue making meaningful communication more worthwhile for all users! These changes include:

  • New & more frequently-released Item sets (including more low-cost Items)
  • Brand-new “training Items” that teach users how to make Items more interactive and exciting
  • Viewer-centric events that reward viewers for participating in broadcasts

Please look forward to more info about these coming changes very soon!

Thank you,

  • The Pococha Team

July 4 Items & New Viewer Event

Celebrate the 4th of July with new US-exclusive Items, a viewer-exclusive profile event, and a sneak peak of our next POCOLAB!

It’s almost time for the Fourth of July! 🥳

Are you ready to celebrate with brand-new user-created Items and a first-ever viewer-exclusive profile event?! If so, continue reading below!

New 4th of July Items Created by YOU!

Earlier this year, our users attended the very first POCOLAB: Item Co-Creation Event to help us create some new Fourth of July Items! The event was a resounding success, and resulted in three fantastic new Items 🎆

During our creation journey, we asked our attendees to share their favorite 4th of July memories. These memories brought us so much joy that we thought you’d love to hear them too!

Your Favorite Fourth of July Memories


“The fireworks and the music is the best part for me. Fireworks give you an exciting rush!”


“Setting up a BBQ at church with family. After we ate and had fun, we sat on a BEAUTIFUL hill and watched the fireworks together, little kids running around with sparklers.”


“Watching the fireworks with family — and that includes Poco fam too! I also make fire works out of rubber bands.”

💎Luxe🦁Lady L💎👑**:**

“It’s the day before my dad and I’s birthday, so it’s like an Eve for me. Every year is amazing. Love the cookouts and parades and of course fireworks and all the electric sliding!”

The Alex Show☕️🥐🎬**:**

“Many of my family members serve or have served in the US Military and I am very proud of their service. 4th of July is a big deal to my family, especially when my grandfather was alive. He served in the US air force and I remember every year we would go watch the fireworks together as a family from the San Diego Bay where he would hold his hand in a salute the entire time the fire works display was going on until it was over. I was young when he passed away, so I just recall looking up at him and watching him in the dark night with different color lights from the fireworks reflecting on his face with his salute.”


“My favorite Fourth of July memory is when my family would have a big party together. We would enjoy each other and enjoy good food. I miss it even more now that my grandmother is gone.”

Lady Bumblebee🐝.•.💙**:**

“BBQs, fireworks, and most importantly sparklers 🙂 And all the great memories with family and friends.”


“Taking my kids to see the fireworks and hearing the absolute awe and joy in their voice when they see the colorful displays.”


“Fireworks on Barren River Lake in Kentucky, followed by s’mores at Mama’s.”


“Attending picnic0style 4th of July fireworks with family and friends at Ft. Monroe.”


“My favorite memory of the Fourth of July was 1997 when I was ten years old. My parents had invited several families over for a potluck and copious amounts of fireworks. My dad insisted on buying with money purloined from my mother’s grocery budget. One Sunday after church, my dad and I sneaked to the local firework purveyor and purchased several boxes of fireworks. During the 4th of July celebration, we played patriotic music. My friends and I had sparkler battles while the sky was illuminated with dazzling colors juxtaposed to the pitch-black night sky, which created a core memory of American pride.”


“Going to the lake when my kids were young and watching the fireworks over the lake and the city skyline.”


“Growing up on 4th of July my family didn’t always get to eat good, but we always got to see the fireworks! I remember one 4th of July we had sugar cookies and Italian sausages lol but we made sure fireworks were always apart of the plan!”

🥶🔥Frozen Flames🥶🔥:

“Eating burgers with the fam and doing fireworks.”


“Probably last year, 2021. A day full of streaming, ending in a BBQ and fireworks!”

👑Queen sheeba👑:

“The fireworks and BBQ.”

New Items!

Thanks to our POCOLAB attendees, we have three new US-exclusive Items coming on Sunday, June 26th!

Here’s what our POCOLAB attendees voted on for each of these exclusive Items! We hope you love the results as much as we do! 🇺🇸🌟

July 4th Heart

  • Heart design (stars with stripes)
  • Shiny design (makes the 1 Coin heart feel more exclusive than the standard Heart Item)

Patriotic Hot Dawg

  • Hot dog presentation (as if it’s gifted from the viewer to the broadcaster)
  • American flag in the hot dog (which pops into the viewer’s hand once the hot dog is eaten)
  • Item text (”Sup, dawg?”)

4th of July Firework

  • Item style (Statue of Leo-berty with a city skyline)
  • Item coloration (sunset blues, purples and pinks on a dark night sky)
  • Firework designs (US flags with bright bursting stars)

4th of July Viewer Profile Event!

We’ve been hearing from the Pococha community that it would be exciting for viewers to have events just like broadcasters do. After all, the Pococha community wouldn’t exist without the fantastic viewers who show their love and support to our broadcasters!

Therefore, we’re introducing a very special profile event just for viewers! Viewers who use a certain amount of Fourth of July Items during the event period can receive a Standard, Special, or PREMIUM Profile!

The above is just a sneak peek at what the profile backgrounds may look like 😮 Stay tuned to see the final versions very soon!

Eligible Event Items

  • July 4th Heart
  • Patriotic Hot Dawg
  • 4th of JULY fireworks

Event Period

  • Sunday, June 26th @ 6pm PDT – Monday, July 4th @ 11:59pm PDT

Event Conditions There are 3 levels of profiles: Standard, Special, and Premium! The level you receive depends on the amount of Coins you use on the eligible Items.

  • 6000 Coins achievement: Premium Profile
  • 2000 Coins achievement: Special Profile
  • 500 Coins achievement: Standard Profile

Important Notes

  • Profile backgrounds are currently being designed! The official final versions will be announced very soon.
  • Profile backgrounds will be sent via the app in late July.
  • Profile backgrounds can be changed from the Settings screen in the app.

Coming Soon: Halloween POCOLAB!

If you missed out on the July 4th POCOLAB, now’s you’re chance to help us make some brand-new, extra spooky Halloween Items! 🎃

What’s the POCOLAB?

The POCOLAB is a co-creation event that allows users to help us create future app content! Our first POCOLAB was a Fourth of July Item Co-Creation Event, which users attended via Zoom. During the event, attendees were broken out into groups to:

  • Discuss their thoughts & feelings about the Fourth of July
  • Discuss what Items they’d like to see most for the holiday
  • Vote on which Item styles, text, colors, and designs they want created
  • Discuss how broadcasters and viewers can use these Items to the fullest

How Can I Attend the Next POCOLAB?

Our next POCOLAB: Item Co-Creation Event will be Halloween Item-themed, and is coming this August! Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for Item preference surveys and event sign-ups to be sure you don’t miss out! 👀

Happy 4th of July to the Pococha community! Here’s to the first of many fabulous events steered by you, our lovely users! 🥂

New Fan Noise Notice Feature!

A New Feature for Your New Viewers!

A new system message will appear to notify broadcasters of potential new fans!

Here on Pococha, managing your fan community is key to being a successful broadcaster. We also know just how much our broadcasters value their fans’ support, and how much viewers enjoy working together to make broadcasts more welcoming and exciting.

So, we have created a new feature that will help broadcasters and their viewers welcome new users into their communities! Introducing: notifications for potential new supporters!

From now on, when a new viewer is close to hitting a Fan Noise level for the first time, a system message will appear in the chat for broadcasters and their current supporters. It will look like this:

This is our chance to encourage a new viewer to reach their first goal!

How can you tell which viewers are new users or not?

New Pococha users will have an “N” next to their name, which means they’re a “New” user who joined in the current or previous month.

When will this notification appear?

When a viewer with “N” next to their name is close to achieving 0.1K, 0.5K, or 1K Fan Noise level for the first time ever.

Note: If a new viewer clears multiple conditions for different Fan Noise levels at the same time (number of comments, number of Coins, view time, view days, etc.), this notification may only be shown once.

How often can new viewers receive this notification?

Each notification is a one-time opportunity for each viewer. It will only be shown a maximum of three times for that viewer, no matter which broadcast they’re in: once each for achieving the 0.1k, 0.5k, and 1k Fan Noise levels. That means this notification is a very special and rare occurrence!

We hope that both broadcasters and current viewers will take the opportunity to welcome the new viewer, educate them about Pococha, and encourage them to keep reaching for those higher Fan Noise levels!

How can I take advantage of this special occasion?

To create a stronger fan community, the broadcaster should pay attention to viewer behavior and convey their gratitude for their fans’ support through reactions and communication.

As a broadcaster, make use of this function to notice when a new viewer is close to first achieving a new Fan Noise level. Since this will be the viewer’s first time reaching these levels, be sure to do the following:

  • Educate them on the importance and benefits of being a Core Fan!
  • Let them know what goal they’re approaching, and why hitting that goal is important not just for them, but for you as a broadcaster and for your community!
  • Celebrate the progress they have made, and provide next steps to follow through on achieving that Fan Noise goal!

For example, you could say something like this:

“Wow (viewer name)! I see you’re close to reaching 0.5K Fan Noise for the first time EVER! That’s amazing. Did you know you only need a bit more interaction to reach that next level? Try using Coins, leaving comments, and watching for a little longer to reach that 0.5k Fan Noise! Then you’ll already be halfway to becoming one of my Core Fans — it would mean so much to me if you did that!”

Do broadcasters get any benefit for recruiting new viewers?

They can, starting July 1st! We hope this new user notification will help broadcasters identify which viewers are eligible for the New Users Bonus — a brand-new incentive for Rank B1+ broadcasters to turn new viewers into Core Fans!

For more information on this upcoming feature, please see Update #4 in our Round Table #5 Q&A Blog.

We can’t wait to see how our community utilizes this new feature to the fullest! Please look forward to even more future updates as we continue to give more attention to our valuable & important new viewers.

PocoTip: Using the Report/Block Features!

Are you a broadcaster who’s been faced with uncomfortable or obscene comments from viewers? Have you ever let nervousness stop you from hitting that Report or Block button, even though you felt like you should? If so, this blog is for you!

Today we’ll go into the many ways in which broadcasters and viewers can curate a safe space for themselves and their fellow users by using the “Report” and “Block” features.

The “Report” Feature

“Reporting” a user alerts Pococha’s moderators that the user is not acting in accordance with the Pococha Rulebook. After a user is reported, our moderators will looks into that user’s actions to determine if any rules were violated, and if so, what further action should be taken.

Some instances where a user should be reported include:

These are just some of many ways in which user actions may violate the Pococha Rulebook. If you’re unsure whether or not a user is acting in accordance with these rules, don’t hesitate to give the rulebook a skim and find out!

Please Note: Reports will be checked sequentially. If it is determined that there is a problem, an appropriate response will be taken. Pococha cannot share the results of your report.

The “Block” Feature

“Blocking” prevents a user from watching and commenting on your broadcasts. Blocked followers will automatically unfollow the blocker, which will prevent the user from joining your broadcasts or being notified when you go live.

Blocking is great for when you want to make sure certain users do not have access to your broadcasting community. We encourage all broadcasters to use the Block feature to ensure the safety and happiness of themselves and their communities.

Please Note: Blocking a user does not automatically remove them from your Family(s). To remove a user from your Family, please see the Managing Family Members section of the Pococha Rulebook.

Reporting vs. Blocking: Which should I do?

It’s important to remember that reporting and blocking do two separate things:

  • Reporting alerts the Pococha team that a user should be investigated for potential violations. This does not prevent the user from broadcasting or interacting with your broadcast.
  • Blocking does not alert the Pococha team. Instead, it removes a user from the broadcaster’s stream, and prevents them from interacting any further.

If you feel like a user is both breaking the rules in the Pococha Rulebook and you would like them to be blocked from further interaction, then we recommend both reporting and blocking the user.

Why are Reporting and Blocking So Important?

The Report and Block features are key to helping maintain Pococha’s vibrant, healthy environment.

When problem users are reported, Pococha gets that much better thanks to your proactivity!

Similarly, when problem users are blocked, your personal broadcasting community can relax, and your viewers will be especially grateful to be a part of your safe, curated space!

Thus, if you ever find yourself questioning whether or not you should report/block someone, consider the following questions:

  • Is this user breaking any of the rules in the Pococha Rulebook?
  • Will reporting/blocking this user make me or my viewers feel more at ease?
  • Will reporting/blocking this user potentially prevent other Pococha users from experiencing discomfort?
  • Does reporting/blocking uphold my own and Pococha’s values of maintaining a safe and healthy virtual community?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions, then we’d be very grateful if you helped us by taking action!

How to Report/Block a User

From the Broadcasting/Viewing Screen:

1. Tap the user’s name or icon.

2. Tap … in the upper right corner of the profile.

3. Tap Report or Block.

From the Profile Screen:

1. Tap … in the upper right corner of the user’s profile.

2. Tap Report or Block.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will I face any negative repercussions for reporting/blocking other users?

Nope! We will not punish a user in any way for standard reporting/blocking of other users. As long as you feel a report/block is necessary in the moment for keeping you and the community safe and happy, you have nothing to worry about; Pococha will take it from there.

Note: In cases where a user is found to be egregiously or incorrectly using the report/block features, the Pococha team may investigate and potentially take further action.

2) Is there a limit to how many users I can report/block over a certain time period?

Nope! There is no limit on the number of users you can report or block over any given span of time.

3) Why haven’t I seen action taken against a user I reported?

Pococha handles all reports in the order that they are received, so there is a chance that our team is working through other reports before they get to yours.

In addition, Pococha does not share the results of a report with the person who reported. This is for the safety and privacy of all users involved, and we cannot make exceptions. We appreciate your understanding on this matter.

4) Is a notification sent to a user when I block them? Will that user be able to tell that I’ve blocked them?

Nope! If you block someone, they will not be notified. However, if you block someone while you broadcast, they will be forced to leave the broadcast on the spot, so it is possible that they might immediately realize that they have been blocked.

5) I was reported/blocked and I don’t know why! What gives?

Pococha doesn’t take action against a user unless they have been investigated and found to be in violation of the Pococha Rulebook. If you are unsure as to why you were reported/blocked, please refer to the Rulebook to read about what behavior is and is not allowed on Pococha.

If you think you were reported/blocked in error, please contact customer support so that our team can review your case.

Thank you for doing your part to keep Pococha a safe and happy community!

End Time Final Vote Results

End Time will remain the same.

  • 9pm PT during Standard Time (Summer)
  • 8pm PT during Daylight Savings Time (Winter)

Thank you to all our users who participated in the End Time vote in May!

Originally, we received feedback from users that the current End Time was too late for many users on the East Coast (12:00AM EDT). So we decided to create a survey to collect more information about the optimal End Time for our users.

In early May, we posted a blog showing the results from this first End Time survey. Please read here!

While we had originally guessed that most users wanted End Time to be earlier, this initial survey showed us that in fact there were actually lots of users who also wanted it later.

So we decided to host one last final vote to let the community decide whether to move End Time earlier or keep it the same.

We have compiled the results of that vote and made a decision.

Here are the final results:

  • Keep End Time The Same: 58.5%
  • Change End Time: 41.5%

Since the vote to move End Time did not receive the 2/3 majority needed to pass, we will be keeping End Time the same for now.

The current End Time appears to work the best for the most amount of users. We understand it does not work for everyone, but we must pick one time that works best for all.

We have heard many opinions from our users and have taken these into account for future changes to Pococha. Thank you for all your opinions!

We will continue to monitor Pococha and make changes as needed.
– The Pococha Team

Event Tab Update

Hello Pococha users,

Today, we’ll be talking about the Event Tab update!

It’s finally here! The Event Tab has been updated. 

Be sure to read all the way to the end! ✨


Table of Contents

  • Reason for the Update
  • What’s Getting Updated
    • ✅ Discover
      • Headlining Events
      • Upcoming Events
      • Hashtag Categories
      • Filter
    • ✅ Favorites
      • Favorited Events
    • ✅ Event Status

Reason for the Update

Pococha has been continuously adding more and more events catered toward different ranks and preferences. This way, everyone can experience the excitement of events and win prizes.

However, with the increase in events, we have received feedback from users that the Event Tab has become difficult to navigate through and find events they are interested in. 

We also plan on adding variations to events in the future so the amount of events will only grow. This also means that finding events will end up being more difficult.

To make Events easier to navigate, we are updating the Event Tab to better organize all of the event information and make it easier for everyone to find events that fit their tastes.


What’s Getting Updated

We are planning to make the following updates.

* These images were taken while still in development. The final product may look different from what is shown here.

After the update, the Event Tab will be separated into 3 tabs: Discover, Favorites, and Event Status.

Now, onto the updated tabs!

✅ Discover

You can check what events are being held, events that are open for entry, and upcoming events*.

We have also added a filter system so you can narrow down events based on what you’re looking for.

* Events that are coming soon but do not have an Event Page available yet.

□ Headlining Events


– Shows events grouped together by popular headlines.

What it Does

– Lets you easily swipe through and check out trending events on Pococha.

* Only shows events that you meet the requirements for.

* Events where the requirements have not been met can be found by using the filter function.

When to Use It

– When you don’t know what event to join.

□ Upcoming Events


– The “Upcoming Events” section in the “Discover” tab that includes upcoming events along with events that already have an Event Page.

What it Does

– You can find information on upcoming events that don’t have event pages yet. The events here will be listed along with the event periods and short summaries. You can also use tags and the filter function to narrow down the events you want to see. On top of that, if you see an event that you like, you can favorite it! 

* Some events may not have summaries.

* Event periods are subject to change.

* Upcoming events can also be found elsewhere in the “Discover” tab.

When to Use It

– When making plans for what events to join.

□ Hashtag Categories


– Added various hashtags to distinguish events by prizes, difficulty, area, etc.

What it Does

– You can see the type of event, difficulty, prizes, appeal etc. for each event at a glance.

– If a hashtag catches your interest, you can tap on it to find similar events.

* The category function is not available for E Rank events.

When to Use It

– When you find an event with certain characteristics and want to find similar events.

□ Filter


– A function that allows you to narrow down events by target audience (you or a particular broadcaster), event status,Rank, and event period.

What It Does

– Allows you to filter events by desired criteria to make it easier to find the events you want to join.

When to Use It

– When you want to find events based on multiple conditions.

✅ Favorites

Here you can find all the events you favorited from the Discover tab. You can always unfavorite an event at any time!

□ Favorited Events


– A button has been added to each Event Page to favorite events. Favorited events will show up in the Favorites tab (including upcoming events).

What It Does

– Allows you to save events that pique your interest or events that you want to participate in from the Discover tab.

* Events that have ended will be automatically removed 3 months from when the event opened.

When to Use It

– When you have multiple events that you’re interested in and want to compare them.

✅ Event Status

Here you can see all the events that you have entered, recently won prizes from, and the event status of Family broadcasters.

□ Entered Events


– Shows events that you’ve currently entered in the Event Status tab.

What It Does

– Lets you see and check the events that you have entered and their respective Event Pages.

When to Use It

– When you’re not broadcasting and want to check the Event Page of the event that you’ve entered.

□ Prize History


– Shows recent events where you received a prize.

What it Does

– See events that you recently received prizes from.

– After an event ends, you can easily check the Event Page here to find when the prize should arrive, event terms and conditions, and other information.

* Events become unavailable 3 months after the start date and will automatically be removed from Prize History.

When to Use It

– When you need to check up on events that you are a prize recipient for.

□ Broadcaster Event Status


– Shows the event status of broadcasters that you’re supporting (broadcasters of Families that you’ve joined).

What it Does

– Allows you to check on the event status of broadcasters that you support when they’re not broadcasting or when you aren’t able to watch their broadcasts.

* Will show the events that the Family creators (broadcasters) of the Families that you have joined are participating in.

When to Use It

– When you want to check up on the event status of broadcasters you’re supporting when they’re not broadcasting or when you’re unable to watch their broadcasts.

Moving Forward


We’ll Take Your Feedback Into Consideration to Further Update the Tab!

We want to make updates that make the app easier for everyone to use. However, we can’t predict everything and there may be some features that end up being difficult to use or not used at all.

Based on your feedback and data analysis, we plan on adding and revising more features.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to let us know by sending us feedback* through the app.

If you are planning on joining us for the “What’s in Store for the Event Tab,” please include your questions and comments in the form.

* Click on “Help” in the app to search for “Feedback”. Select “How do you send feedback?” and scroll down to “Follow this link to send comments or suggestions that do not require a reply”.

Round Table #5 Q&A – New Updates

Hello everyone. Thank you for using Pococha!

In this blog, we’ll be bringing you updates on some important new features coming to the app, and Producer Daisuke Mizuta will be answering questions from you, our lovely users! Please read through to the end for all the latest info.

First of all, thank you to everyone who attended the latest Round Table. This was our most-attended event yet! We are glad the community has become so involved with Pococha.

At this event, we announced & explained the following 5 major updates that will be changing on Pococha.

#1 – Updated Support Point Logic

#2 – New Rank System

#3 – New Daily Performance Bonus

#4 – New Users Bonus

#5 – Lowered Requirements For Fan Noise & Core Fans

Please read further for detailed explanations of each update! But first, I wanted to share the reasoning why these updates are happening and what we hope to accomplish with them.

A Q&A section is at the end of this blog, where I will answer the top questions from users!

Valuing Broadcaster-Viewer Connections

Pococha believes that the most valuable part of broadcasting is the connection between a broadcaster and a viewer.

Broadcasters want to grow their fan communities and discover supporters who share their goals. Viewers aim to participate in engaging conversation and find a sense of belonging amongst their favorite broadcaster’s community.

When the broadcaster-viewer relationship is prioritized, it will continue to strengthen and flourish – increasing the size of all our wonderful fan communities.

Our goal as an app is to ensure the importance of these connections! By doing so, we can continue to provide sustainable careers to our broadcasters, and intimate communities for our viewers.

Broadcaster-viewer connections are the strongest when a fan community is filled with one broadcaster who has deep & meaningful connections with their viewers.

Why are pure viewers so important?

After analyzing Pococha’s communities, we found that fan communities where the top fans were mostly viewers are communities that last the longest and support the broadcaster the most!

On the other hand, communities where the top fans were mostly other broadcasters may appear to grow the fastest at first, but our data shows they do not last as long and broadcaster fans are much more likely to slowly stop supporting – making these communities unsustainable in the long run!

The graph below shows our data from this research. With the orange line showing viewer-filled communities lasting longer and spending more than broadcaster-filled communities (Blue).

Recently, we have found that many broadcaster’s communities are filled not with viewers but mostly other broadcasters. There is currently a trend where many broadcasters consider their support to/from other broadcasters to be the most important. In fact, we have heard that many broadcasters even feel obligated & stressed trying to maintain each other’s success.

Many broadcasters think that supporting each other and creating broadcaster communities is a good thing. We do not disagree with this idea. Rather, Pococha’s philosophy is that connections between a broadcaster and their viewers is more important and should be valued as such. We believe the viewer connection should not be overshadowed by too many and too strong of broadcaster connections.

Some users may disagree with Pococha’s philosophy, and we understand this. Our decision to make these changes comes from our success in Japan, where we know that valuing viewers will create sustainable careers for our broadcasters. So we hope you will trust & believe in the app we are creating! Many of our broadcasters in Japan who stuck through changes are now the biggest on the app!

A fan community filled with one broadcaster and many viewers
A fan community filled with many broadcasters

The upcoming changes to Pococha are created to place more value & importance on nurturing the broadcaster-viewer connection, and allowing broadcasters to maintain success without feeling reliant on one another.

As a result of these changes, the way some of you use Pococha may change.

For broadcasters with strong communities of viewers, many will find it easier to Rank up & earn an income.

For broadcasters’ who Rank is highly dependent on support from other broadcasters, we encourage beginning to focus on filling your communities with more viewers.

Therefore, the following updates are scheduled to take effect on July 1, 2022.

(Date & time subject to change)

5 Updates

#1 – Updated Support Point Logic

Support Points from Items will now be calculated differently depending on whether the sender is a viewer or a broadcaster. Items sent from broadcasters who are C1 Rank or higher will be worth less than those sent from a pure viewer or a broadcaster who is D3 Rank or lower.

This change will place more value and importance in the support coming from a broadcaster’s pure viewers. With the updated Rank system (explained next), this change will make it easier for many broadcasters to increase Rank if they have communities with lots of pure viewer support.

Note: A pure viewer is a user who does not broadcast.

Note: The Rank levels indicated in this blog reflect Ranks under the new Rank system.

How much less will Items sent from C1+ broadcasters be worth?

  • Items from pure viewers & broadcasters under C1 will continue to have the same value.
  • Items sent from broadcasters who are C1 Rank or higher will be subject to an algorithm that gradually decreases the Item’s value as more coins are used. The rate of decrease will be directly affected by the amount of Coins sent from all C1+ broadcasters in your broadcast, not just one C1+ broadcaster. Please see the graph below for reference.
  • The Items’ value will continue to decrease as more are sent until it resets after End Time.
  • Please note, the value of Items is NOT related to the time of day. It is only affected by previous amount of coins from Items used by C1+ broadcasters in your own broadcast during the current End Time Period.
    • For example, the first Item sent from any C1+ broadcaster at 8:00am one day will be the same value as the first Item sent from any C1+ broadcaster at 7:00pm on another day.
    • However, the second Item from a C1+ broadcaster sent on either day will be worth less because there has already been a C1+ Item sent.

With these changes, the most efficient way to collect lots of Support Points will be to increase the amount of viewers sending Items!

Here we will be placing value on the number of pure viewers who are providing good support, not just the support of individual pure viewers. Of course having each individual pure viewer provide deep support is important, but we think the ideal situation for a broadcaster is to be supported by many fans (viewers) and be able to continue being active for a long time.

These logic changes are also likely to apply to Event Points, but these specifications have not been finalized yet.

#2 – A New Rank System

With the changes in Support Points, we feel that some users may experience temporary difficulty in finding pure viewers to maintain their Rank. So, we have decided to give the Rank System a makeover.

We are changing the rank system to now be E1 to A5, to better match the current number of broadcasters and viewers in the US and make it easier for broadcasters to maintain or increase their Rank based on the current amount of pure viewer support on the US app.

With these new changes, there are many low or mid Rank broadcasters who will find themselves able to reach the highest Ranks if they have strong communities of pure viewers. Due to the lowered requirements for each Rank, it may now be easier to Rank Up and create a sense of success with your viewers instead of stagnation.

For example, a user who was previously B Rank under the old Rank system, should now be able to maintain A Rank with the same amount of support!

What will my new Rank be on July 1?

Around 2:00am PT on July 1, users Ranks will be changed to the new system. Below is a chart of what the new Ranks will be!

  • Your current Rank once it becomes July 1, will be changed to your New Rank based on this chart.

As a result of these changes, the amount of Time Diamonds per hour will also be reduced for each Rank to more accurately reflect the amount of support coming from viewers in the US.

Please note, this is a completely redesigned Rank system. We are not simply removing S Rank. A Rank will be the new highest Rank just like S was!

#3 – New Performance Bonus

With the changes in Rank System and Time Diamonds, some users may experience a decrease in their Time Diamonds. To help compensate for this, we are introducing a new Performance Bonus that is available to both signed & independent broadcasters!

The bonus will be distributed as diamonds after each End Time period (Daily) and will be based on the Rank you achieved during that End Time. Higher Ranks mean bigger bonuses!

The Performance Bonus will allow broadcasters to maintain a similar income as before, if they are able to maintain or increase Rank with the new system.

  • Performance Bonus is available to broadcasters who are C Rank or higher under the new Rank system.
  • Performance Bonuses are not available on days when a Freeze Pass is in use.
  • Must broadcast for at least 60 mins to receive bonus. However, even if you broadcast for 60 mins and then user a Freeze Pass, you will be ineligible for the bonus.
  • Your Performance Bonus amount will appear on your Daily Rank Report!

Below are the daily Performance Bonus amounts for each Rank, along with the updated Time Diamond amounts:

If you have a strong community of pure viewers and are able to maintain or increase your Rank under the new system, you are likely to earn the same or higher income as before!

For Example:

Before Change: S1 broadcaster earned 3,000 Time Diamonds per hour and 6,000 Engagement Diamonds.

(3000 TD  x 4hrs) + 6000 ED = 18,000 Diamonds

After Change: Broadcaster is now A5 Rank and will earn 1600 Time Diamonds per hour, 6000 Engagement Diamonds plus a 4800 Diamond Performance Bonus!

(1600 TD  x 4hrs) + 6000 ED + 4,800 Bonus  = 17,200 Diamonds

#4 – New Users Bonus

We plan to increase our efforts to bring more pure viewers onto Pococha so that all our broadcasters can enjoy these new types of bonuses. However, once we bring them into the app, it’s up to our wonderful broadcasters to keep them there! A new viewer will stay on the app if they create a deep & meaningful connection with a broadcaster.

We found that new viewers are 8x more likely to remain on Pococha if they become a Core Fan in their first month!

To encourage these connections, we are creating a new monthly bonus that will be given to broadcasters who convert new viewers into Core Fans.

  • The New Users Bonus will be available to broadcasters who are B Rank or higher under the new Rank system.
  • New viewer is any viewer with the “N” mark who joined this month or the previous month.
  • The bonus will be a monthly bonus, calculated by the number of new viewers the broadcaster converted into Core Fans.

Bonus Amounts:

1-10 Viewers – 100 Diamonds Each

11-20 Viewers – 300 Diamonds Each

21-25 Viewers – 400 Diamonds Each

26+ Viewers – No Additional Diamonds

#5 – Lowered Core Fan & Fan Noise Requirements

Finally, we are reducing the requirements needed for viewers to become Core Fans and to collect Fan Noise.

Viewers will now more easily be able to become a Core Fan of a broadcaster! This will encourage them to join the broadcaster’s community, and more easily provide valuable Core Fan & Fan Noise bonuses to the broadcaster’s support points!

Here are the updated requirements for a viewer to become a Core Fan, it is about 25% easier to become a Core Fan now”

Furthermore, the requirements for all Fan Noise levels have been reduced by about 50% on average!


Pococha values the strength of a connection between a broadcaster and a pure viewer.

These new changes plan to provide value and importance to that relationship, and reward broadcasters who able to create them!

In fact, there are many broadcasters who will find themselves able to reach the highest Ranks more easily now if they have strong communities of pure viewers.

Please note, many of these changes are temporary. We will continue to evaluate the US ecosystem on a consistent basis and make changes as needed.

We look forward to your participation at the next Round Table! We will send out a registration link to users when the new Round Table has been decided.

Thank you,



Thank you for submitting your questions after the Round Table! I would like answer some of the most asked ones.

Q: How will these changes affect my performance, Rank, & income on Pococha?

A: Broadcasters who have strong fan communities filled with mostly pure viewers should now find it easier to not only maintain Rank, but also Rank up and earn a higher income if they maintain the same amount of support as before.

However for some broadcasters the updates will reduce the amount of support they receive from other broadcasters, and this may make it harder to maintain their current Rank. We encourage these broadcasters to focus on adding more pure viewers to their communities! As we mentioned, the only way to ensure a long & sustainable career as a broadcaster is to increase your pure supporters!

Q: Are these changes temporary or permanent, and why are they happening now?

A: Just like everything on Pococha, these changes are not permanent. We will continue to monitor the situation in the US and make changes as needed in order to create the best environment for our users.
The current Rank system is being replaced with an entirely new system where A Rank will be the highest Rank, and a new E Rank will be created for new broadcasters.
Please note, this new Rank system will continue to be monitored for efficiency and we will consider making changes or creating a new system as it is needed!

The updates are happening now because we have seen a recent trend of broadcasters supporting and being reliant on each other. This is beginning to create an unsustainable ecosystem that places more importance on broadcaster support, and takes away from the viewer’s experience. We hope to create a sustainable ecosystem on Pococha US where broadcasters can have long & lucrative careers, just like they do in Japan!

Q: Will our Ranks automatically change on July 1?

A: Ranks will change on July 1 according to the chart described in Update #2!

For example, if your Rank is B2 with 0 Rank Points on June 30, your Rank will be updated to the new Rank system on July 1 and will now be A2 with 0 Rank points!

Please be sure to check the chart to see how your Rank will change.

Q: Will the 0, +1, +2 borders of each Rank’s meter also be lowered?

A: Yes, the borders for each Rank’s meter are expected to be lower!

Additionally since there will be less broadcaster to broadcaster support increasing the borders on the meter, the Rank meter is expected to not move as much.

(Update Jul 2022: The above sentence has created a miscommunication due to the choice of wording. So we are adding the following sentence to help explain the correct meaning. “reduced broadcaster to broadcaster support is expected to have a reduced impact on the border levels”)

Q: Will an Item’s value be influenced by the time of day or by other broadcasters?

A: No, the value of Items that are sent to you will not be affected by any other broadcasters nor the time of day. Items sent from pure viewers and broadcasters who are D3 or less will be worth the same value as before the changes. Items that are sent from broadcasters who are C1 or higher will gradually decrease as more Items are sent in YOUR broadcast. But this only applies to Items sent from C1 or higher broadcasters in your own broadcast, not others. The more Items are sent to one broadcaster from C1+ broadcasters, the less future Items from C1+ broadcasters will be worth to that specific broadcaster.

For example, even if other broadcasters have received a lot of C1+ Items earlier in the End Time period, this will not affect how much your Items from C1+ broadcasters will be worth. The only thing that affects the value of your C1+ Items is how many have been sent by all C1+ broadcasters previously in your broadcast during the current End Time Period.

Q: Why is the Core Fan Bonus only available to B Rank and above?

A: The Core Fan Bonus is a temporary campaign we are testing out. We are trying it out with a certain group of broadcasters, and will make changes to it in the future as needed! We encourage all our users at every Rank to focus on acquiring Core Fans from new viewers!
Our high Rank broadcasters usually have the most experience on the app. They have already been able to create large fan communities by converting new viewers into fans. So we trust that they can do it!
Also keep in mind, B Rank here refers to the new Rank system. Some broadcasters currently in C Rank or lower will find themselves in B Rank with the new system, if they have strong communities of pure viewers.

Q: Will the Fan Noise & Core Fan bonuses for Support Points be changed?

A: No! These will remain the same. In fact, now that it is easier for viewers to become Core Fans and collect Fan Noise, these bonuses should be easier for broadcasters to achieve!

Q: What is Pococha doing to bring more pure viewers to the app?

We understand many users may feel there are not a lot of pure viewers out there. We are constantly working to improve our marketing and advertising. We are currently thinkng about creating a campaign where we share our upcoming advertisements with our users. We plan to collect feedback from our users on what they think about the marketing, and what they would like to see changed!

We also understand that many users feel that Pococha focuses too much on broadcasters and not enough on viewers. We’d like to help our users understand that our current focus of marketing and advertising is towards viewers. However, we are also considering beginning to bring less broadcasters into the app until we have enough viewers for all. Our goal is to ensure that the rate of viewers joining the app is much faster than that of broadcasters. We are also considering slowing down the number of broadcasters we sign, or even having less broadcasters overall on the app. These changes will help there be enough pure viewers on the app.

Q: Why does the meter slide/change throughout the day?

A: The meter has always moved since Pococha began according to the amount of Support Points that broadcasters in your Rank Class are generating. We explained how the Rank Meter works in another blog, please read it here!
Again, we expect the the meter to “move” less now that broadcasters are sending less Items to each other.

Q: What is the new agency pay scale?

A: If you are a signed broadcaster, please reach out to your agency for a detailed explanation of how these changes will affect you. Each agency is different, so we are unable to provide specifics here.

Thank you for all your questions, if you have any more please do not hesitate to reach out to us on social media or customer service channels.


Celebrate Pride Month with a Free Thumbnail Frame!

Whether you’re an ally or a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, join us in celebrating with this Pride Flag thumbnail frame! 🌈

Download a Free Thumbnail Frame Below!

Decorate the Home Feed with Pride Thumbnail Images for June (or beyond!) Simply add your photo and upload to Pococha! 🎉

You can even share your Anniversary Thumbnail image on social media with the hashtag #pocopride for a chance to be shared on our social pages or in our Instagram story! 📸

Pro Tip: Not sure how to add your picture to the frame? Search for “free photo editing app” online or on your phone’s app store to find a variety of free software that lets you easily create the photo!

👉 Download Pride Frame 🏳️‍🌈

Note: To download a thumbnail frame, click the corresponding “Download” button above, then right click on desktop (or hold in on mobile) and select “Save As” to save the image.

Happy June, and happy Pride! 💖

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