End Time Survey Results

Dear users,

Thank you to everyone who participated in our End Time Survey a few weeks ago! We collected lots of vital information from our users about their opinions on End Time.

We are writing this blog to convey the results of that survey, and are asking the community to participate in one final vote to decide if we move End Time earlier or keep it the same.

Originally, we conducted the survey to collect more information from users after hearing feedback that the current End Time was too late for many users on the East Coast (12:00AM EDT). After analyzing the results of the survey, however, we discovered that our users have a wide variety of opinions about when the best End Time would be for them.

The survey showed that many East Coast users actually prefer the current End Time (or even want it later). And many West Coast users do not want End Time earlier because it might interfere with their activities or jobs during the day.

Of the users that want to change End Time, we found that 58% wanted it to be earlier while 42% wanted it later. While the “earlier” users have a majority, we felt it was not enough of a majority to change something as important as End Time.

So we would like our community to participate in a final vote to decide if we move End Time earlier or keep it the same.

End Time Final Vote

For this vote, a 2/3 majority (66.6%) will be needed to change End Time to earlier. Otherwise, it will remain the same.

If passed, End Time would likely be 1 or 2 hours earlier. The Pococha team will decide the next step in the process.

Please read the blog thoroughly to understand the perspectives of other Pococha users. The final vote will be sent to user’s Pococha inbox shortly after this blog.

Please read the rest of this article for the results of the original End Time survey our users answered.

Survey Analytics

  1. Do you currently broadcast at End Time?

The survey results showed that broadcasters are about 50/50 split on broadcasting at End Time currently.

  • West Coast broadcasters were slightly more likely (66%) to broadcast at End Time.
  • While East Coast users were only 45% likely to broadcast at End Time.

2. If you don’t broadcast at End Time, why not?

For those that do not broadcast at End Time, we wanted to learn more about why they do not. End Time is an important part of Pococha for ensuring you can increase your Rank and find success.

  • Of the broadcasters that said they don’t broadcast at End Time:
    • 70% can’t broadcast at End Time
    • 70% prefer to broadcast earlier in the day
    • 11% said they can achieve their Pococha goals before End Time.

3. Does the current End Time work for you?

About 60% of survey respondents voted that the current End Time does not work for them.

  • We found that there was no correlation between a user’s time zone and if the current End Time works for them.
  • This appears to show that a user’s End Time preference is based more on their personal preferences than on their time zone.

4. Change End Time, or keep it?

A large percentage of users (73%) voted to change End Time, while 27% wanted to keep it the same.

However, of the 73% that wanted to change it, they were pretty torn about when the new time should be.

58% wanted an earlier End Time, while 42% wanted a later one.

As expected, users on the East Coast were slightly more likely to want an earlier End Time. While users on the West Coast were slightly more likely to want a later End Time.

Users who wanted an earlier End Time said that the current time is too late for them & their viewers. They want it earlier so they don’t have to stay up as late, and many of their viewers go to bed before the current End Time.

Users who wanted a later End Time, said that they wanted more time after their day jobs and activities. This would allow them to have enough hours after work to broadcast and to not feel rushed.


From the results of the survey, we can see that a majority of users would prefer a different End Time (78%). However users are torn if they want to keep End Time the same, earlier, or later.

  • 40% want an earlier End Time.
  • 36% want a later End Time.
  • 24% want to keep End Time the same.

We felt that based on this information, there was not enough of an obvious consensus to change End Time.

“Earlier” technically had the largest percentage of votes. However, there may be lots of users that an earlier End Time would be worse for.

So we are presenting the community with a final vote to decide.

Shall we move End Time earlier, or keep it the same?

The final vote survey will be sent to your Pococha inbox!

Since moving End Time will have substantial changes for all users, we feel that the vote will need a 2/3 (66.6%) vote to succeed.

We encourage all users to participate in this democratic vote that will be decided by the community! Please encourage all your friends, Family, viewers, and other broadcasters to participate!

The vote will be open from Friday May 13 to Thursday May 19.

To ensure the validity of the vote, duplicate votes or any multiple votes that appear to come from the same user or secondary accounts will be reviewed and possibly not counted if they appear suspicious.

Users will be notified about the results of the survey, the next steps, and a decision by the Pococha team.

Thank you,
– The Pococha Team

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