Pococha Item Reaction Awards: Contest #1 Winners

Hello Pococha users!

Thank you for participating in the very first Item Reaction Awards, which was held from March 21 to April 5.

We loved watching the wonderful reaction videos of our broadcasters. Winning broadcasters will receive a commemorative trophy engraved with their name as well as a feature on the top banner of the app!

Here are the winners!

1st Place: Natalie K

The theme of this year’s event, “sure-fire reactions that viewers will appreciate,” has been successfully completed!

In this reaction, Natalie exclaims, “Cheers!” with her hand in sync with the “Cheers” item. She then begins to sing a song with her beautiful voice, expressing her gratitude to the sender of the Item. For the “Cute” Item, she calls the viewer by name, thanks them, and tells them “You’re cute!” right back.

She makes the viewer feel extra special by saying their name as part of the reaction. Moreover, she shows her character as a singer by singing her original song to provide a unique experience for viewers. Her positivity seems likely to also make the others excited and want to send items as well!

In addition, the size of her reactions between large and small Items is distinctly different. We love the fact that she responded to the viewer who sent the large Item while singing and also reading the comments afterward. This is a great example of a one-size-fits-all response that will she can scale up for larger Items.

The contestant has successfully met the following four evaluation criteria: 1) Giving a special feeling to the viewer who sent the item, 2) Changing the size of the reaction depending on the size of the item, 3) Reacting in any way connected to the item, and 4) Showing the originality of the broadcaster.

Check out the Natalie K’s Pococha profile HERE.

Quote From The Broadcaster;

“I love creating an inclusive welcoming environment in my streams so I typically will  involve all my viewers when I react to the items! Especially the bigger ones. For the smaller items, I typically am more one on one with the viewer who gifted but for the bigger items I love to apply something a bit more. For “Cheers” I sing a part of my original song  “Champagne” which is all about enjoying life’s simple moments. ”

Natalie K

2nd Place: Shanshine

This next winner finds a way to send happy feelings back to the viewer with positive, user-tailored, authentic reactions that are appropriate for the Item. Great job!

The broadcaster responds carefully and sincerely to the Items sent by her viewer. For example, for “I Love You”, she reacted by throwing kisses and making a heart symbol with both hands. We liked the way she put her hand on her chest to express gratitude. That gives the viewer a special feeling by responding to his/her love with feelings of love!

We also liked the way she taught the audience how to say “Welcome” in Spanish – this was very creative!

After the “I Love You” Item, she exclaimed, “I feel like it’s Valentine’s Day”. It is great that she expands the topic of conversation with her Item reactions to excite her viewers. This is a great example of what we would like to see done with all Item reactions.

We get the impression that her viewers are sincere in their reactions and respond with positive energy, and the big reactions are great. If we had to make one suggestion, we would recommend that the reactions be more in line with the size of the Item – Make reaction proportional to the amount of coins that were used!

Check out the Shanshine’s Pococha profile HERE.

Quote From Broadcaster:

“I try to include both the viewer and everyone in my reactions! I try to connect an item to something funny and spreading good vibes and love to everyone in the room!”


3rd Place: Belle TV

Belle is very good at making the viewers who send her Items feel special by used item reactions.

We liked the way she asked for the cute Item, shaking her body, looking up with both hands together, and placing her finger on her cheek repeatedly, as if she was talking to someone special in a cute way!

We think the “I Love You” Item was well prepared with relevant props such as a heart cushion. It also looked like a lot of fun and made the moment special for the viewer.

Additionally, her reactions were appropriate for the size of the Items! When the item is large(I love you), props are used and this differentiates it from a small Item (cute).

To improve the reaction, we suggest thinking of some ways to make the reaction more unique to your personality, something no other broadcaster can do!

Check out the BelleTV’s Pococha profile HERE.

Quote From The Broadcaster:

“I try to focus on the gifter feeling appreciated for their kindness, while doing fun reactions.  Also, I try to keep my reactions interactive to motivate others to give.”

Belle TV


The three winning broadcasters will receive a trophy and a banner on the top of the app for one week.

The banners will be posted in order from 1st to 3rd place, from 5/17〜5/23

We also have Honorable Mention Prizes for some broadcasters! They’ll be posted on the top of the application as banners, one day per winner, from 5/24〜5/27.

Honorable Mention: iamdesaree

Her reaction to the “Diamond Ring” had a great reaction when she said “I do” to the viewer who sent it, making her/him feel special by giving all her attention to that one viewer.

It is an Honorable Mention because it was not one of the designated Items in the rules. One of her viewers applied the video. Thanks!

Check out the iamdesaree’s Pococha profile HERE.

Honorable Mention: TANNAZ

The broadcaster’s reactions to “Bouquet” and “Fireworks,” were great! During both reactions, she looked really surprised and authentic. We could tell the viewers will have fun sending her items as she is that surprised and excited!

Quote From The Broadcaster:

“I make it a really fun experience for everyone involved by using my emotions and reactions to make the viewers feel excited and entertained!”


Honorable Mention: αυɳƚιҽ-ʋαɳ

The broadcaster reacted to “Cheers,” and her original song “Pop pop Cheers” was so groovy that it made the viewers and us want to sing along!

Check out the Auntie Van’s Pococha profile HERE.

Special Award:

Amani Villa

Her reactions are energetic and very unique in her own way! It’s not only cute but also fun and entertaining. However, we feel the reaction did not fit the size of the Item (One of the guidelines of the contest). We suggest creating a large reaction to large items and a small reaction to small items!

Check out the Amani Villa’s Pococha profile HERE.

Quote From The Broadcaster:

“When someone sends me a gift, that is money out of their pockets. I make sure that they feel good and that it was worth the coins!  A small item is still a gift, I like to bring it to life by personification! I am bringing the gifts to life & this app is visual!    Every gift gets a reaction from me because I am dramatic 🤣 Yet, I believe that everyone wants to see a show, and Pococha has outstanding animations!  It is a pleasure to give people their money’s worth by making them laugh & smile!”

Amani Villa

Next Contest information!

The next contest is scheduled to be held in June.

We will post the contest information on the top banner of the application and look forward to receiving your submissions.

Next time, you can record the reactions to any items! We will not specify the items you should submit.

Even before the application opens, we would recommend you record a one-minute video!

Let’s practice a variety of item reactions to each item in your daily broadcast!

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