Pococha Item Reaction Awards: Contest #1 Winners

Hello Pococha users!

Thank you for participating in the very first Item Reaction Awards, which was held from March 21 to April 5.

We loved watching the wonderful reaction videos of our broadcasters. Winning broadcasters will receive a commemorative trophy engraved with their name as well as a feature on the top banner of the app!

Here are the winners!

1st Place: Natalie K

The theme of this year’s event, “sure-fire reactions that viewers will appreciate,” has been successfully completed!

In this reaction, Natalie exclaims, “Cheers!” with her hand in sync with the “Cheers” item. She then begins to sing a song with her beautiful voice, expressing her gratitude to the sender of the Item. For the “Cute” Item, she calls the viewer by name, thanks them, and tells them “You’re cute!” right back.

She makes the viewer feel extra special by saying their name as part of the reaction. Moreover, she shows her character as a singer by singing her original song to provide a unique experience for viewers. Her positivity seems likely to also make the others excited and want to send items as well!

In addition, the size of her reactions between large and small Items is distinctly different. We love the fact that she responded to the viewer who sent the large Item while singing and also reading the comments afterward. This is a great example of a one-size-fits-all response that will she can scale up for larger Items.

The contestant has successfully met the following four evaluation criteria: 1) Giving a special feeling to the viewer who sent the item, 2) Changing the size of the reaction depending on the size of the item, 3) Reacting in any way connected to the item, and 4) Showing the originality of the broadcaster.

Check out the Natalie K’s Pococha profile HERE.

Quote From The Broadcaster;

“I love creating an inclusive welcoming environment in my streams so I typically will  involve all my viewers when I react to the items! Especially the bigger ones. For the smaller items, I typically am more one on one with the viewer who gifted but for the bigger items I love to apply something a bit more. For “Cheers” I sing a part of my original song  “Champagne” which is all about enjoying life’s simple moments. ”

Natalie K

2nd Place: Shanshine

This next winner finds a way to send happy feelings back to the viewer with positive, user-tailored, authentic reactions that are appropriate for the Item. Great job!

The broadcaster responds carefully and sincerely to the Items sent by her viewer. For example, for “I Love You”, she reacted by throwing kisses and making a heart symbol with both hands. We liked the way she put her hand on her chest to express gratitude. That gives the viewer a special feeling by responding to his/her love with feelings of love!

We also liked the way she taught the audience how to say “Welcome” in Spanish – this was very creative!

After the “I Love You” Item, she exclaimed, “I feel like it’s Valentine’s Day”. It is great that she expands the topic of conversation with her Item reactions to excite her viewers. This is a great example of what we would like to see done with all Item reactions.

We get the impression that her viewers are sincere in their reactions and respond with positive energy, and the big reactions are great. If we had to make one suggestion, we would recommend that the reactions be more in line with the size of the Item – Make reaction proportional to the amount of coins that were used!

Check out the Shanshine’s Pococha profile HERE.

Quote From Broadcaster:

“I try to include both the viewer and everyone in my reactions! I try to connect an item to something funny and spreading good vibes and love to everyone in the room!”


3rd Place: Belle TV

Belle is very good at making the viewers who send her Items feel special by used item reactions.

We liked the way she asked for the cute Item, shaking her body, looking up with both hands together, and placing her finger on her cheek repeatedly, as if she was talking to someone special in a cute way!

We think the “I Love You” Item was well prepared with relevant props such as a heart cushion. It also looked like a lot of fun and made the moment special for the viewer.

Additionally, her reactions were appropriate for the size of the Items! When the item is large(I love you), props are used and this differentiates it from a small Item (cute).

To improve the reaction, we suggest thinking of some ways to make the reaction more unique to your personality, something no other broadcaster can do!

Check out the BelleTV’s Pococha profile HERE.

Quote From The Broadcaster:

“I try to focus on the gifter feeling appreciated for their kindness, while doing fun reactions.  Also, I try to keep my reactions interactive to motivate others to give.”

Belle TV


The three winning broadcasters will receive a trophy and a banner on the top of the app for one week.

The banners will be posted in order from 1st to 3rd place, from 5/17〜5/23

We also have Honorable Mention Prizes for some broadcasters! They’ll be posted on the top of the application as banners, one day per winner, from 5/24〜5/27.

Honorable Mention: iamdesaree

Her reaction to the “Diamond Ring” had a great reaction when she said “I do” to the viewer who sent it, making her/him feel special by giving all her attention to that one viewer.

It is an Honorable Mention because it was not one of the designated Items in the rules. One of her viewers applied the video. Thanks!

Check out the iamdesaree’s Pococha profile HERE.

Honorable Mention: TANNAZ

The broadcaster’s reactions to “Bouquet” and “Fireworks,” were great! During both reactions, she looked really surprised and authentic. We could tell the viewers will have fun sending her items as she is that surprised and excited!

Quote From The Broadcaster:

“I make it a really fun experience for everyone involved by using my emotions and reactions to make the viewers feel excited and entertained!”


Honorable Mention: αυɳƚιҽ-ʋαɳ

The broadcaster reacted to “Cheers,” and her original song “Pop pop Cheers” was so groovy that it made the viewers and us want to sing along!

Check out the Auntie Van’s Pococha profile HERE.

Special Award:

Amani Villa

Her reactions are energetic and very unique in her own way! It’s not only cute but also fun and entertaining. However, we feel the reaction did not fit the size of the Item (One of the guidelines of the contest). We suggest creating a large reaction to large items and a small reaction to small items!

Check out the Amani Villa’s Pococha profile HERE.

Quote From The Broadcaster:

“When someone sends me a gift, that is money out of their pockets. I make sure that they feel good and that it was worth the coins!  A small item is still a gift, I like to bring it to life by personification! I am bringing the gifts to life & this app is visual!    Every gift gets a reaction from me because I am dramatic 🤣 Yet, I believe that everyone wants to see a show, and Pococha has outstanding animations!  It is a pleasure to give people their money’s worth by making them laugh & smile!”

Amani Villa

Next Contest information!

The next contest is scheduled to be held in June.

We will post the contest information on the top banner of the application and look forward to receiving your submissions.

Next time, you can record the reactions to any items! We will not specify the items you should submit.

Even before the application opens, we would recommend you record a one-minute video!

Let’s practice a variety of item reactions to each item in your daily broadcast!

POCO PROS: 2 Top Tips for Ranking Up!

~ Interview with an S Rank Broadcaster ~

Hello from the Pococha Team!

We love to see the growth that Pococha’s broadcasters have experienced since last year’s US launch! However, we know there are broadcasters who are itching more than ever to gain fans and increase their Rank.

That’s why we’ve started the POCO PROS Global Community Project: to share top tips from the best in the biz with you, our dear broadcasters!

Reading this article will help you with all of the following:

  • Increasing Rank with tested techniques
  • Encouraging new viewers to use Items
  • Turning casual viewers into fans

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Pococha Team: Today we’ll be speaking with one of Japan’s top broadcasters: Suu-san! Thank you to Suu-san for sharing his thoughts in this article regarding his journey on Pococha and his top tips for success!

Pococha Team: Welcome, Suu-san! You’ve been a top broadcaster for quite a while, but it wasn’t always that way. What has changed since you started broadcasting on Pococha?


It’s no exaggeration to say that broadcasting on Pococha changed my life!

I’m making 10x the amount I used to with other jobs. I don’t have to worry about how much my meals cost anymore. I can even send gifts to my family to spread the joy. I feel like I’m living a dream!

Before I started broadcasting, all I wanted was to make people happy, and find a job that allowed me to do this. I tried to make it as an actor while working part-time to pay for my living expenses. But at the time, it was a struggle to make ends meet. I could only send a message for my sister’s wedding and niece’s birth. I couldn’t even send presents; I didn’t have the means.

But about a year after I became a broadcaster, I decided to focus on broadcasting and make it my sole source of income. From then on, things changed drastically. I couldn’t believe how much success I’d found. The following year, for my niece’s first birthday, my sister put together an Amazon wishlist and told everyone that just one small gift from that list would be enough. Instead, I ended up getting the whole wishlist! My sister was so surprised to see it! It meant the world to me that I could finally spread joy how I wanted to. 

More importantly, I’ve been able to make a bigger impact as a broadcaster than I ever imagined.

I originally had a dream to create this kind of “wave of happiness”. I wanted to make people smile and spread good vibes just by interacting with folks who could use a pick-me-up. And it’s been working. I talk a lot about my personal values, my views, communication, and broadcasting in general. Now, I’ve had listeners comment things like, “Now I think positively after meeting you!” or “Your words saved me.”  I think it’s because we’re communicating in real time that I can deeply impact my viewers this way. It’s incredible. It makes me happy and helps me believe that all the steps I’ve taken in this life have been worthwhile.

Pococha Team: Those are some considerable changes! But was it always smooth sailing since you started?


No, it definitely wasn’t. I had a lot of setbacks. Before I started broadcasting, I had been working as an actor for about 8 years, but I only had one or two fans to show for it. Then with the pandemic a lot of my acting gigs got canceled, so I started broadcasting after a friend suggested it.

In the beginning, I didn’t use Pococha and went for an audio broadcasting app instead. After using it for a month, I only made about 500 yen [about $4 USD]. But through broadcasting, I learned that some people did want to support me, and that inspired me to continue.

Later, when I started broadcasting on Pococha, I used my acting experience to come up with ways to communicate and gain support from my viewers. I thought about what my viewers wanted, and put my all into my Item reactions in particular. With that, I managed to get 1st Place in a rookie event, and that really boosted my confidence!

So I started off great, but the road to the top Ranks was a long one. For example, towards the beginning, a viewer told me, “It feels like people don’t believe in you,” and I couldn’t really get people to support me and my goals. There were a lot of times I thought about quitting.

But I repeatedly asked my viewers about what I could do to make them happy or improve. I worked hard so that my assistants would have faith in me. I kept learning how to gain support from my fans in an earnest way.

Through these discussions, I understood that it was important to have my viewers share my goals and feelings towards broadcasting. It took a lot of trial and error to get it just right.

For my assistants to believe in me and for my fans to support me, I had to become someone that viewers would want to support. In turn, this would lead to viewers becoming long-term fans. I still continuously put in my best effort to join events, post in my Family every day, and show my appreciation to my viewers.

There were definitely some fans who hated the change, too. But the fans that shared my values stayed despite it all.

When I worked hard to become someone worth supporting, the number of fans that supported me and shared my dreams grew, and I managed to get 1st Place in a big event!

Pococha Team: Thank you for sharing how you overcame those obstacles! Any secrets on how to handle similar situations? How did you manage your community as your Rank increased?


Of course!

Here are the two things I focused on most:

  1. How to convey and have viewers empathize with your dreams and goals.
  2. Using Item Reactions early on.

To grow as a broadcaster and Rank up, I learned that it’s important for your viewers to believe in you.

Viewers will use Items when they’re enjoying the broadcast and want to say thanks or add to the fun! In return, as a broadcaster, I want to thank them for their support by putting a lot of thought into making my broadcasts fun and meaningful. I put my heart and soul into cultivating this positive cycle.

For me, I prefer not to bluntly say, “Help me increase my Rank!” Instead, I follow the previous 3 points. In order to realize my dreams and focus on my values, I’d say, “I want to spread this wave of happiness,” or talk about what’s meaningful to me. Then, I can politely let my viewers know what I’d like from them to help me realize those dreams. It’s a collaborative effort.

Practicing Earnest, Consistent Communication

For example, I’m always saying these kinds of things to my viewers:

  • “I’d love for you to support me if you find value in communicating with me or our fan community.”
  • “If you’re able to show your support by using Items, it’d make me happy! If you aren’t able to, feel free to join in and comment, make creative hashtags, or mention me to your friends or on other social media outlets. If you feel that what I do is worthwhile and you want to support me, I’d be so grateful!”

Also, even if you repeatedly communicate your thoughts, there are many different ways to convey them. Finding different ways to express my goals prevents any future troubles or misunderstandings, and helps ensure me and my community are on the same page.

I think there’s a tendency to believe that we only have to say things once and people will completely understand, or that saying things multiple times will annoy people. But I’ve found it really doesn’t work that way. It’s important to keep bringing up what’s important to you over and over and repeatedly making your passion known, because you never know which new people are in your audience, or which repeat viewers could use the reminder.

These tips have helped me stay an S Rank broadcaster for over a year now!

How you react to Items is quintessential if you want support from Fans.

You can think of viewers who use Items as people who think, “You’re worth paying money for.” That’s so important, and that contribution should be appreciated!

Most Common Reasons for Viewers to Use Items

  • They want to see the broadcaster’s immediate reaction.
  • They want to have fun communicating with the broadcaster and their fellow viewers.
  • They want to help the broadcaster increase or keep their Rank.
  • They want to add excitement to a song or performance during a broadcast.
  • They want to add excitement to a conversation during a broadcast.
  • They want to show their appreciation to the broadcaster and their fellow viewers.

These are only some of the most common reasons – believe it or not, there are even more!

So: if you miss seeing Items, give vague/boring reactions, or generally don’t express gratitude for Items, viewers will stop using Items in your broadcasts. They might think that there isn’t a point if you aren’t going to react to them or appreciate them fully. Viewers might even think that they, themselves, are not needed, and your community may grow stagnant or smaller.

I believe that reacting to Items is one way that anyone can give a kind of “performance”, no matter what type of broadcaster they are!

Getting creative with your reactions to Items leads to a fun and exciting broadcast. It has nothing but benefits!

1. Broadcasters’ Reactions Can Make Viewers Happy, Excited, and/or More Energized

Some viewers’ mentality when using Items is that they want to see an immediate response from the broadcaster.

Though it takes time to read comments, the great thing about Items is that you can get an instant response to them. Because of that, no matter what I’m doing, I make it a point to always react immediately when an Item pops on screen. I think that the worst thing you can do is not react to an Item or to miss the Item entirely. Make sure you pay as close attention as you can!

2. Great Item Reactions Inspire Future Item Usage

When an Item reaction is so interesting that it stirs things up, viewers will voluntarily use the Item again. It’s because we’re on Pococha that both broadcasters and viewers can have this kind of fun when communicating with each other. Moreover, the result of everyone having fun and interacting in this way is that more Items are used over time. Item reactions really contribute to that positive momentum.

If it’s hard to ask people to use Items, you can instead motivate them with your reactions.

3. Other Viewers See Item Reactions and are Enticed to Join In

One effect of using Items is that it adds color to broadcasts and makes it fun for other viewers. There are some viewers who enjoy and look forward to making that atmosphere. Not only can other viewers feel inspired to use Items themselves, but it can positively impact their perception of a broadcaster’s entire community, and encourage them to be repeat viewers. That’s a vital step when expanding your community!

4. Item Reactions Make the Entire Broadcast More Fun and Lively

As a result of doing the previous 3 things, your broadcasts will ultimately become more fun and lively, no matter what type of broadcaster you are.

There are also viewers who look forward to seeing your Rank go up, as well as your growth on Pococha over time. Following the above techniques will likely result in you Ranking up more regularly, which will in turn inspire your community even further. Thus, it’s important to start by considering what the viewer is thinking and feeling when they use Items and respond to that.

💡 Item Reaction Technique #1:
Call Out Their Name

By calling out the Item name and the viewer’s username, the viewer becomes happier knowing that the broadcaster acknowledges them and cares about them.

Doing this also helps me make sure I don’t miss any comments or Items. I learned after this one time I accidentally read out a viewer’s name without thinking. The viewer then commented, “You called out my name! I’m so happy! I’ll use an Item!” I ws shocked that it had such an impact for them!

Thus, when a viewer uses a big Item or when someone gives me lots of support, I’ll write their name on a sticky note or take a screenshot to thank them and remember them in the future!

💡 Item Reaction Technique #2:
Use Music as a Signal

It’s hard to find a good time to ask viewers to use Items, right? Plus, it can be awkward to figure out how to incentivize Items, especially during lulls. I can’t just suddenly ask viewers to use Items either – it doesn’t feel right. So, for example, after my game corner or quiz corner is over, I’ll put on some uptempo music and make it clear that it’s my “Reward Time.” Viewers have learned that this is a celebratory time during which they can use Items, and it’s worked really well!

💡 Item Reaction Technique #3:
Make Your Happiness Obvious

When I receive an Item I really like, try to say things like, “This Item makes me especially happy!” to make my feelings more obvious. Sometimes it’s hard to tell through the camera without stating things bluntly.

For example, right before I sing, I’ll always say something like, “Let’s liven things up with some music Items, ♪ comments, or whatever you think is fun and exciting!”

Also, when somebody uses a congratulatory Item, I’ll invite other viewers to join in by saying things like, “Who else is with (viewer’s name) in sickness and in health?!” or ask people to join in the celebration. I think it’s good to create that collaborative atmosphere where everyone can have fun together by doing these things. That way, if there are viewers who haven’t been around for that long, they’ll be able to learn that there are easy and unique ways to have fun in our community..

💡 Item Reaction Technique #4:
Create Unique Item Reactions

In the beginning, I would always come up with things like Item reactions by myself. It still worked fine, but then a viewer suggested coming up with reactions together.

I tried it out thinking of it as another way of communicating with viewers, and it was a big success! Everyone was ecstatic! Even now, we think of reactions together whenever a new Item comes out. I also got permission from other broadcasters to adjust and use their reactions, so I share some reactions with other Pococha friends. It’s created so much more interactivity and positivity!

Pococha Team: That’s incredible! Even after all this time, you’re still so enthusiastic about broadcasting. What do you think has maintained that fervor?


I have the most fun when I’m broadcasting. I’ve been in S Rank for a year and eight months, but I still spend every day thinking about Core Fan benefits, content, songs, and other facets of my broadcasts, day in and day out, 365 days a year. It’s really that fun for me. Of course, there are times when I get tired and think I need to take a break, but then nothing gives me more energy than the energy I get from my fans when I broadcast. They’re always so happy to see me return, even after just one or two days away!

Even just the other day, there wasn’t much going on in the comments. So, following a viewer’s suggestion, I jokingly started a sort of special quiz with, “Let’s think of opposite words, like an opposite word for the Tokyo Olympics.” I was thinking “Brazilian Sports Day” (because Brazil is on the opposite side of the Earth from Japan) or something, but everyone’s comments were exceedingly hilarious. One after the other, their answers exceeded anything I could have imagined, and a silly idea turned into such a fun moment. This kind of unpredictable communication and a coming together of diverse minds is the best part of broadcasting, for me.

So, having fans make the broadcasts fun motivates me to do my best every day. At my core, my motivations are “to be an important character in someone’s life” and “to spread a wave of smiles.” There’s nothing that makes me happier than helping someone somewhere solve their problems and bringing a smile to their face through my broadcasts!

Pococha Team: Thank you so much for your honest and beautiful answers! Looking into the future, what do you envision for yourself as a broadcaster?


After several years of being a broadcaster, I feel that the perception of broadcasters in the media and around the world is changing for the better. Moving forward, I’d like to contribute to this revolution and create a world where kids see the potential in being a broadcaster. Then, in a few years, becoming a broadcaster might be a dream job for kids who are inspired to do what we do!

I don’t think broadcasting is fully and publicly recognized to that extent yet. There are probably a lot of people out there who don’t know that people are making a career out of being a broadcaster and living off of that alone. So, I post about the life and reality of being a broadcaster on various social media outlets to try and spread the word.

At the end of the day, it’s not a complete walk in the park, and it’s not a job that anyone can do. But maybe someone out there will become interested from seeing my posts. I didn’t even consider broadcasting as a “profession” until I had started, so I understand that it will take time. Of course, it’s not just about the money, but also about those inspiring and successful experiences. I truly hope it starts to take hold, because I love seeing more and more broadcasters creating their own online communities and increasing their reach.

Pococha Team: That’s a wonderful sentiment; thank you for sharing that. Lastly, do you have a message to all your friends on Pococha across the world?


I once went to New York and saw a Broadway musical in person. At that time, I felt that the world’s top entertainment was there – it couldn’t get better than that. But now that we are living through an unprecedented pandemic, I’ve realized that entertainment will never die, even if it can’t be in person. In fact, on the contrary, there are forms of entertainment that are only possible in this day and age in this digital space.

Broadcasting is just a microcosm of that entertainment. Isn’t it amazing that you can create your own community and world of entertainment just with your smartphone? If you’re willing to share your ideas and personality honestly with the world, you can foster the overwhelming and fantastic feelings of a Broadway musical with a touch of your smartphone. I think that’s incredible.

To the worldwide Pococha community: let’s work together to create a new kind of entertainment where people can create and broadcast their own individual ideas!

I’m living the “Broadcaster Dream,” and you can too. My life has changed and my horizons have broadened since I realized this dream was possible. Being a broadcaster is a fulfilling job. It would be great to spread Pococha’s unique perspective around the world and have fun together doing a global event! I look forward to being in this community with you!

Thank you so much to Suu-san for sharing his perspective and wonderful advice in this interview! We wish him all the best in his continued broadcasting career.

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Updates to Engagement Diamond Calculation

Thank you for using Pococha.

As of April 18, 2022, we will be changing how Engagement Diamonds are calculated.

Changes to Engagement Diamond Calculation

Before (Up To and Including April 17, 2022)
Engagement Diamonds are calculated for broadcasts that take place during the 24 hours from 8:00 AM to 7:59 AM PDT.

After (From April 18, 2022 Onward)
Engagement Diamonds are calculated for broadcasts that take place during the 24 hours of a user’s End Time period. The End Time period for US users is currently 9:00PM PDT to 8:59PM PDT.

Reason for Change

The two types of Diamonds you can earn from broadcasting are “Time Diamonds” and “Engagement Diamonds.”

Up until now, Time Diamonds were obtained from broadcasts that took place between one End Time and the next. In contrast, Engagement Diamonds were calculated based on broadcasts that took place from 8:00 AM PDT to 7:59 AM PDT.

In order to make Pococha easier to use, we are gradually transitioning so that all calculations will be based on End Time.

Schedule for Calculation Change

Date of Change

  • Scheduled for Monday, April 18, 2022 (Tentative)
  • We will make an in-app announcement should there be any changes to this date.

Engagement Diamonds for Broadcasts on April 18

The calculation period for broadcasts on update day will differ as follows:

  • Engagement Diamonds Calculation Period: April 16, 8:00 AM PDT – April 17, 8:59 PM PDT (37 hours)

Engagement Diamonds for Broadcasts on April 19

After the change, Engagement Diamonds will be calculated for broadcasts that take place during each user’s End Time period as follows:

  • Engagement Diamond Calculation Period: April 17, 9:00 PM PDT – April 18, 8:59 PM PDT (24 hours)

In addition, you will also be able to view the Time Diamonds and Engagement Diamonds earned during each 24-hour End Time period in your Daily Rank Report. An update for the Daily Rank Report is scheduled for a later date.

Thank you for reading!

Upcoming Item Tray Revamp!

Hello and thank you for using Pococha!

Today, we’re going over some changes coming to the Item Tray this April 2022!

What is the Item Tray?

The “Item Tray” is the selection of Items that pops up when clicking the gift box icon in the lower right corner of a broadcast.

(Exact design subject to change.)

Why is the Item Tray Being Updated?

Since Pococha’s launch, we’ve released a number of Items for various occasions so that viewers can easily communicate their feelings and react with broadcasters in fun, non-verbal ways.

To learn more about Pococha’s Item philosophy, you can visit our Round Table #4 summary below!

👉 https://pococha.blog/2022/03/10/february-round-table/

On the other hand, as more and more Items have been released, we’ve received feedback that it’s become difficult for users to wade through Item tabs and find the Items they want amidst the sea of available options.

In order to solve this problem, we’ve decided to modify the Item Tray to make it more searchable and user-friendly!

Update Details

The following two updates will be implemented to resolve the current Item sorting difficulty.

Please note that this is only the first update — we will continue to update the system as time goes on to make it even easier to use!

Update Feature #1: New “Item Categories” and “Filter by Coins”

The current Item Tray only allows users to filter Items by Coins. Instead, the new “Item Categories” and “Filter by Coins” sorting options can be used together to easily find the Items you want.

Users will be able to narrow down the Items in the “New” or “History” tab even further with “Filter by Coins”!

(Exact design subject to change.)

Introducing the Item Categories!

History: Displays a history of up to 100 Items that you have most recently used.

Limited Time: Displays Items available for a limited period of time.

New: Displays newly introduced Items.

PocoKnight: Displays PocoKnight Items for users who have become a PocoKnight for broadcasters participating in an Event.

Fam Faves: Displays the most popular Items used by Family members for that particular broadcaster (described in further detail below).

Update Feature #2: Fam Faves Category

In the “Fam Faves” section, you will see the Items most frequently used by the members of a broadcaster’s Family. We believe this will make it easier to see trending Items for your favorite broadcasters and make it easier to communicate and lead new viewers!

(Exact design subject to change.)

The ranking for Fam Faves is #1-4 from top left to top right, and #5-8 from left to right in the second row. If a broadcaster has not created a Family, the message, “The broadcaster has not created a Family. Items cannot be displayed.” will appear.

We will announce via in-app notification once the above features are implemented into Pococha.

Please keep in mind that we will continue to enhance both Items and Item sorting within Pococha as time goes on!

Future Updates

One of the requests we’ve heard from multiple users is a “Favorite” function that allows users to mark their favorite Items. However, we are concerned that if we simply add a “Favorite” function to our growing number of Items, the number of favorites will only increase over time, which recreates the current issue of an overpacked and disorganized Item tab. In addition, this might discourage users from trying new Items because they may simply fall back on their usual “Favorites.”

This doesn’t mean that we’ve written off a “Favorite” function altogether! However, we are still researching to see what type of function would be best to implement. We are always considering further improvements to the app, so we greatly appreciate your patience, support, and ideas while we ensure that we do it right.

If you have any suggestions or requests, we would greatly appreciate you sharing them via our Feedback Box in the “Help” section!

– The Pococha Team

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