December Round Table

Hello everyone. Thank you for using Pococha!

In this blog, we’ll be announcing updates on some important features, and Producer Mizuta will be answering questions from Pococha users! Please read to the end.

Rank System Update

Based on the feedback we received during the previous Roundtables, we have been giving out Freeze Passes and multiplying support points by 1.3 as short-term measures to solve the issues that were occurring with the US rank system.

Now, as a fundamental update, we are going to completely split the US and JP rank systems and introduce a Rank System for US (North American) users only, starting from the 4th week of December.

Estimated Rank System Separation Date: 4th Week of December

There will be two major changes to the Rank System:

  • A unique Rank System only for US users.
  • A Stabilization Mechanism to create a more normal environment.

Once this change occurs, US user’s Rank Meters will no longer be influenced by users or happenings in Japan (such as events).

Previously, a big event in Japan could cause the Rank Meter in the US to skyrocket. We decided this was unfair to US users as they could not compete in the same event.

When the separation happens, the 1.3x Support Point multiplier will no longer be in effect. This is because it was added to allow US users to compete with Japan users. But now the competition is no longer needed, and US users will compete only with each other.

In addition, since the system will be designed for US users only, it will be easier to adjust the system to suit the situation of US users and to deal with problems.

About The Stabilization Mechanism

Since the amount of US users is quickly growing but still relatively small, we predict that the Rank System may behave abnormally & erratically. If there are only a small amount of broadcasters in a certain Rank Class, then the performance of a single broadcaster has the potential to affect the Rank Meter more than is desirable.

A broadcaster who has a very good day and collects a higher than average amount of Support Points would cause the Rank Meter to drastically swing upward and make it harder for others. We think this kind of behavior would make it very hard for broadcasters to set goals with their Families.

To combat this type of behavior, we are introducing a Stabilization Mechanism! This feature will prevent drastic upswing & downswings of the Rank Meter to create a more normal experience for users.

Please Note: While there are a small number of broadcasters in each Rank, The Stabilization Mechanism may cause the borders of each section on the Rank Meter to not move very much throughout the day & until End Time. This behavior will be temporary until the number of broadcasters in each Rank returns to a more normal amount. When this occurs, the border levels for each Rank Point section will again be influenced by the Support Points of broadcasters in that Rank Class. This will cause the Rank Meter to once again behave normally (with the potential to shift throughout the day & until End Time).

An example of the drastic variety of Support Points that would be needed to achieve a +0 each day,
if a small ecosystem does not have a Stabilization Mechanism.

At Pococha, we understand that nothing is perfect & anything can be improved! We will continue to closely monitor the performance of our users & effectiveness of the new Rank System after it is implemented. We will continue to work with users to create the optimal & most enjoyable experience for all.

New Broadcaster Reports

In the first few months of the new year, we plan to remove the Daily Broadcast Report, Monthly Broadcast Report, & Broadcaster Report, and replace them with new reports.

Additionally, functions connected to the Broadcast Report, such as comments that encourage broadcasters to hit goals and notify them of the “average” Rank they are achieving in certain categories, will also be going away.

New Report! – Daily Rank Report

In place of the Broadcaster Report, we are adding a new “Daily Rank Report”.

The main difference is that all statistics and data will be tracked according to the user’s End Time Period. Use this report to track your progress towards Rank goals!

Previously the Broadcaster Report was based on a 00:00-11:59pm time period. Since user’s End Time is different than this, it was found to have caused a lot of confusion. The new report will allow users to track their statistics seamlessly with their Rank Meter & End Time.

New Report! – Monthly Rank Report

We have created a new Monthly Report.

This page will track statistics and data cumulatively since the beginning of the month.

This page is where you can find the following kind of statistics:

Followers Core Fans

Comments Days Broadcasted

Likes # of Viewers

Highest Monthly Rank

Daily Rank

New Report! – Diamond Report

Once the new update takes place, your Diamonds page will show all tracking related to diamonds.

One new section of this page will display your Time Counted Towards Time Diamonds. Here you’ll be able to see how many hours you have left that can e counted for Time Diamonds. It will also show how much time is left until your Time Diamond limits reset.

Now you can know if you have reached your limit or not, and how much time is left until you can earn Time Diamonds again!

Next, this page will offer a full 180-day history of all transactions related to your Diamonds. Including when Engagement & Time Diamonds were earned, added, & cashed out.

New Items!

New Items have arrived!

December will see the release of these awesome new Items! Including holiday items, new Hehe reaction items, Zodiac Items, and more!

Stay tuned for even more Items, like New Year’s, on the way later in the month. And keep an eye out for special Item reaction contests & events coming very soon!

Thank You!

Thank you to all who attended Round Table, and for taking the time to ask thoughtful questions. We greatly enjoyed getting to hear your opinions, suggestions, & feedback.

We look forward to your attendance at the next Round Table event, be sure to RSVP!

-The Pococha Team

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