Pococha Arrives In The US!

One of Japan’s biggest & most popular live streaming apps, Pococha, has finally launched in the US. The app, created by DeNA, has flourished overseas and is ready to change what it means to “go live” in the states. Get ready to create your account, build your community, & grow your fanbase!

Unlike other streaming apps, Pococha focuses on putting power into the hands of its creators. Exclusive features such as Time Diamonds (a kind of hourly wage just for live streaming) and Broadcaster Report (a detailed analysis of user’s behavior) give Pococha broadcasters a leg up on other apps and the ability to take control of their career.

Additionally, Pococha will host it’s first competition events this month! These events offer opportunities for users to rally their fanbase and compete to win huge rewards, exclusive perks, VIP experiences, and more.

“Live streaming is wildly popular in Asia and we couldn’t be more excited to bring Pococha to the United States,” says Daisuke Mizuta, Executive Producer of Pococha at DeNA. “We believe the live streaming space is about to explode in the U.S., the same way it has taken off in other parts of the world. We’re looking forward to entering this new market early to help drive the live streaming phenomenon in the United States with Pococha.” 

Pococha brings it’s cute & quirky Japanese style to the US, and offers US creators a medium to turn live streaming into something fun, efficient, & event profitable. You’ll quickly fall in love with Pococha’s cast of characters, interactive gifts, & compelling broadcasters. Whether you’re looking for new friends, an online community, or just to talk with others – Pococha has you covered! 

While other social media channels have live streaming capabilities, Pococha’s entire platform is dedicated to live communication, and does so in a safe, positive and effective way that also helps drive revenue for content creators. Pococha offers its content creators a path to success through highly detailed and immersive reports, goals, challenges, and more. The Pococha app’s capabilities allow audiences to support their favorite creators via a gamified experience with interactive items, live events and contests, Family Chat Rooms, and more.

New to Pococha? Check out our FAQ website here, and make sure to follow our socials for all things Pococha.

Meet pocotomo characters!

Pococha items often contain official Pococha characters. POCOTOMO is a collection of characters that have been loved by users for a long time, and will continue to bring Pococha together. Characters are more than just items, they are friends and colleagues who visit our broadcasts and support us.

Quacky, an always innocent face with a love for food and dreams

The expression on his face makes it hard to tell what he’s thinking, but he has a very high IQ and is very smart. He looks like he doesn’t fly, but surprisingly he can!

Legend says that anyone who sees him fly can achieve their dreams…

Favorite word: Quack;

Personality: Doesn’t care what others think, enjoys freedom and uniqueness;

Favorite things: Food, high places, daydreaming;

Special skill: Calligraphy, singing, making songs;

Dream: Movie director

Leo, a lone hot-and-cold personality with a hidden sweet-side

Constantly roars to show how strong he is.

His sweetness attracts many friends!

Favorite word: Roar!;

Personality: Pure, masculine, shy, but kind on the inside;

Favorite thing: Watching hero movies;

Special skill: Martial arts;

Dream: To be a hero

Pinky, the gentle philanthropist

Always saying “Like it!” and is honest about her feelings, but is very fickle.

Favorite word: Like it!;

Personality: Kind, cheerful, laughs a lot, but fickle;

Favorite things: Amusement park, shopping, fashion;

Special skills: Ballet;

Dream: Top model

Koko, a humane and all-around sportsman

Loves to clear the one remaining bowling pin! So when he strikes, he gets depressed…

Favorite word: Nice!;

Personality: A good sportsman, but not necessarily a good person;

Favorite things: Bowling, traveling, and fishing;

Special skill: Completing the spare in bowling;

Dream: Traveling the whole world.

Kappy, a stone monster with a curious and dry personality

Dreams of being a great detective and likes to solve problems and exclaim “solved!” He loves Kappine the most.

Favorite word: Kappy Happy;

Personality: Easy-going and curious, polite, sincere and dynamic;

Favorite things: Solving crimes and taking a break in cold places;

Special skills: Searching for things and solving problems;

Dream: Master detective

Kappine, the world’s strongest and hardest stone monster

Saved Kappy and survived together from a major collision on the planet they lived on, Kappy and Kappine are the official POCOTOMO couple and are in love.

Favorite word: Kappy~♡;

Personality: feminine and kind, insecure and jealous, clean freak;

Favorite things: Kappy, flowers and nature, taking walks hand in hand with Kappy;

Special skills: Flower arrangement and baking ;

Dream: Flower store owner

Z, a mysterious space creature who doesn’t know where he came from

Always very excited and expresses his feelings through music and dance. The name was given to him by Quacky after he heard him shouting “Zee~!”.

Favorite word: Zee~!;

Personality: Always excited and curious;

Favorite things: Time travel and electronic dance music;

Special skills: Inventions and research, ridiculous dancing and playing musical instruments;

Dream: Nothing really since he can already transcend time.

Hehe, a professional opera singer turned saxophone player

He lost his beautiful singing voice, but he dreams to get it back one day.

Favorite word: Hehehe;

Personality: High self-esteem, a bit clingy but loving;

Favorite things: stages with a lot of people;

Special skills: singing, saxophone (member of a Quacky band);

Dream: Getting his beautiful voice back.

Qbert, always depressed because he wasn’t eaten during a meal

He is a kind and compassionate man and likes Pinky who smiles at him a lot.

Favorite word: It’s sour…!;

Personality: Timid, wimp, shy, but also very caring and kind;

Favorite things: A place. to be alone;

Special skill: Giving surprise gifts ;

Dream: Becoming the sweetest and most delicious macaroon in the world.

Piggyboo, dreams of owning a luxury hotel next to a hot springs

Likes to throw parties and cook food to support Pokotomo friends.

Favorite word: Yasss!;

Personality: Moody, flirtatious, has clear likes and dislikes;

Favorite things: Festivals, parties;

Special skills: Cultural dance

Dream: Owner of a luxury hotel with a hot springs

Nunu, a worrier with the psychic ability to read minds

Wants to relax with a sweet chocolate bun, but then starts to worry again…

Favorite word: Yikes!;

Personality: Worrying, timid, a perfectionist;

Favorite thing: Relaxing while eating sweet chocolate bread to forget about worrying;

Special skill: Psychic ability to read other people’s minds;

Dream: Thinking of becoming a fortune teller.

Griizz, has a high level of reaction to just about anything

He looks like a child, but he has the ambition to become a famous actor in history.

Favorite word: Really!?;

Personality: Easy-going, optimistic;

Favorite things: Being the center of attention, the latest trends and fashions;

Special skill: Good at exaggerated reactions, overacting in his own way, and he loves cars;

Dream: Famous actor

Sway, listens to friends very well

When he was born, he saw a whale very close up and dreamed that one day he would become a whale. His body is very flexible.

Favorite Word: Whoa!;

Personality: Sway, anything is good!;

Favorite things: Anything

Special skill: Swimming, flexible, good listener;

Dream: Believing he can be a whale

Rofle, always laughing hard

A lonely person and seems to feel at ease when he makes everyone around him laugh.

Favorite word: LOL;

Personality: Lonely and always excited;

Favorite things: Parties, also fortune-telling because he’s worried about himself and the future;

Special skill: Exaggerated laughter;

Dream: Comedian

Polly, polite and likes to take naps in the warm afternoon sunshine

When she wakes up in the morning, the first thing she does is check out the mirror and start her precious day.

Favorite word: Please!;

Personality: Polite, follows the situation, cautious and wise, fond of cleanliness;

Favorite things: Naps under the afternoon sun;

Specialties: cleaning antiques, cleaning, antique stores;

Dream: Nothing in particular, just cherishing the present.

Feli, loves honey and always has a happy smile on his face

The good smell from his body has the power to make everyone happy.

Favorite words: Yaaay!;

Personality: Super positive, never gets angry!;

Favorite things: Sweets, honey, and baths;

Special skill: Smelling good;

Dream: Making everyone happy.

Antonio, always wants to be the most charming

Throwing out a “thank you” message and a wink each day to make the world more romantic.

Favorite word: Thank you!;

Personality: “Qué será, será,” cheerful, passionate, romantic;

Favorite things: Dishes that makes him look more attractive, fresh cherries, doing whatever to be popular among girls;

Special skill: Killer wink;

Dream: Becoming the hottest guy in the world

Ochi, nosy and always worried about her POCOTOMO friends

She’s always worried about others, but she doesn’t know that she’s the one who’s making others worried.

Favorite word: Spill the tea;

Personality: Nosy like mom, worrying about others all the time, but she is the one being jumpy and makes others worry;

Favorite things: Taking care of others;

Special skill: Chatting

Dream: Worrying too much about others and doesn’t have time to think about herself

Dozer, likes to sleep

Unlike his appearance, he is the owner of a wealth of knowledge. It is said that this knowledge can be obtained while sleeping…

Favorite word: Good night;

Personality: Quiet and humble, but gets angry when he is woken up;

Favorite things: Sleep (when he hears the voice of someone he loves, he feels at ease and falls asleep in three seconds), and to eat a lot of strawberries in his dreams;

Special skills: Being able to fall asleep anywhere, very knowledgeable (but forgets as time passes by);

Dream: Opens a store for pillows that lets people have good dreams

Catzi, a workaholic who can’t take a day off

Now retired and trying to design stamps.

Favorite word: Break time;

Personality: Works hard to earn his way to the top. But a bit careless;

Favorite things: Starting a toast and saying a few words (it always becomes a long story), being useful to friends, being praised, and hot springs;

Special skill: Giving witty comments from the rich experiences;

Dream: Stamp designer

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